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IES Rome

  • Location: Rome, Italy
  • Minimum GPA: 3.0
  • Language of Instruction: English (IES Courses and limited LUISS courses) and Italian (IES Courses)
  • Class Eligibility: Sophomores, juniors, and seniors


COVID-19 Protocols and Travel Warnings

  • You can read about this program’s COVID-19 safety protocols at this link, then read the CDC Travel Warning and U.S. State Department Travel Advisory at the respective links. For more information about Haverford College Study Abroad and the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, read the Study Abroad homepage here.
  • IES requires all study abroad students to be fully vaccinated before they can participate in any IES program. 

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The capital of Italy, Rome is the country’s political center and a major religious center, being the host to the Vatican – an independent state within Rome. Studying abroad in Rome means learning from Rome and its Mediterranean pace of life – from the open markets to the sudden strikes, and the high politics of a European capital.  Over three million people do their daily business surrounded by 2,500 years of history.

There are SIX IES programs to choose from in Rome. They are listed below (Click the program name to be redirected to the program page on the IES website).

Early Childhood Education



No previous Italian language study is required for the beginning level.

Academic Credit

Students must carry at least 15 credit hours per semester and are not permitted to take less than 15 credits per semester.  Students must take an appropriate Italian Language course each semester.  Italian majors must take all their courses in Italian at one of the Universities. Italian majors/minors cannot take courses toward their major/minor at the IES Center or take courses in English at the Center. Students who have no background in Italian must take the Intensive Italian course. This fulfills the Haverford language requirement. Major, minor, and concentration transfer credit will only be granted for courses in which students received a grade of a C or above.


Students will take an IES Abroad Italian language course at their proficiency level along with about four elective courses that they can select from within their program of choice. Student also have the option to take a service learning/social action/internship for course credit. Students are permitted to take courses in English or Italian at several partner institutions (listed below).

Università Degli Studi Roma Tre  

Enrollment at Roma Tre is available for IES Abroad students who have completed at least four semesters of college-level ItalianFounded in 1992 as Rome’s third university, Roma Tre has become the city’s second largest, with over 35,000 students, and has gained a significant reputation in the Italian academic world thanks to its quality programs and international focus. Roma Tre offers advanced Italian-taught courses in the Humanities and Social Sciences.  

Location & Commute Times: The campuses of Roma Tre are located throughout the city. The main campus is located in Piramide/Ostiense area in the southern part of the city. Directions to the locations of different faculties are located on Roma Tre’s website.  Rome is not a “university town” in the sense that student life is clustered around the universities; therefore, it takes about 45 minutes on the bus to travel from Roma Tre to the IES Abroad Rome Center.  

Academic Options:  Roma Tre offers IES Abroad students opportunities in the following areas (in Italian): Humanities, Religious Studies, and Social Sciences. Students may select English-taught courses in Political Science. IES Abroad and Roma Tre also jointly offer English-taught courses. These courses are offered for half of the semester at the IES Abroad Rome Center and the remaining half of the semester on the Roma Tre campus.  

Course Offering:  Will vary from semester to semester. Exact course availability is determined shortly before the start of each semester. For this reason, it will not be possible for students to officially register until their arrival in Rome; however students will need to refer to current course offerings in order to pre-register as part of their application.

Rome University of the Fine Arts (RUFA)

RUFA is a private art academy north of Rome’s historic center near Piazza Verbano.   Students with at least one semester of college-level Italian can enroll in up to two courses at RUFA.  

Commute Time:  The commute time from RUFA to the IES Abroad Rome Center is about 45 minutes to 1 hour by the bus. Rome is not a “university town” in the sense that student life is clustered around the universities.  

Course Offerings:  Will vary from semester to semester. Exact course availability is determined shortly before the start of each semester. For this reason, it will not be possible for you to officially register until your arrival in Rome; however, you will need to refer to current course offerings in order to pre-register as part of your application. Generally, RUFA offers courses in Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture.  

Course Structure:  Former IES Abroad students have enjoyed the individual attention they receive from RUFA faculty in their workshop-style classes at RUFA.  

Grading System:  Your grade is based on the portfolio of art work you produce by the end of the term.

Internships: All IES Abroad internships and social action opportunities are supervised and offered as academic options earning IES Abroad credit. The internship and social action option are complemented by a required 3-credit seminar that offers contextual support to students practical work experience in Rome.

Course Highlights

Anthropology, Art, Art history, Child Development, Classics, Communications, Economics, Education, Film Studies, History, Italian, International Business, International Relations, Internship Seminar, Journalism, Latin, Literature, Philosophy, Photography, Political Science, Psychology, Public Policy, Religious Studies, Service Learning, Sociology, Urban Studies

Note: Changes occur frequently. Students are responsible for finding the classes they need and consulting the official site of the institution.

Review the Full Academic Requirements for Studying Abroad


Students attend an orientation and three-week intensive language course prior to the start of classes.

Number of Students

Maximum of 140 students can attend each semester.

Housing/Meal Plans

Homestay – Located throughout the city, homestays generally house one or two students. Bedrooms may be private or shared with another IES Abroad student. Students receive breakfast daily and share three evening meals each week with their host family. Standard commute time is 45 minutes from the homestay to the IES Abroad Center, which is typical for local students at Roman universities. Haverford believes that living with a family provides the best opportunity to learn a language and experience full cultural immersion.

Apartments – Share apartments with other IES Abroad students and have the option of living with an Italian Student Companion (ISC), a local Italian student who provides opportunities to engage in cultural activities. Apartments are furnished and generally accommodate four to seven students, with two to three IES Abroad students sharing a bedroom. Internet access is available in every apartment. Meals are not included, but apartments offer equipped kitchens.

Haverford students may not opt for independent off-campus housing – that is, housing not arranged by the program.


IES Abroad Zoom Around the World Virtual Information Sessions

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  • Semester I: Early September to mid-December
  • Semester II: Late January to early May

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  • Semester I: March 1
  • Semester II: October 1

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