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IES Milan: Voice, Composition, and Instrumental

  • Location: Milan, Italy
  • Minimum GPA: 3.0
  • Language of Instruction: English and Italian
  • Class Eligibility: Juniors and seniors


COVID-19 Protocols and Travel Warnings

You can read about this program’s COVID-19 safety protocols at this link, then read the CDC Travel Warning and U.S. State Department Travel Advisory at the respective links. For more information about Haverford College Study Abroad and the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, read the Study Abroad homepage here.

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A famous Milanese song says there are many wonderful Italian cities that people love to visit, but only one in which they want to live and work. Milan is world reknowned as the European capital of fashion, design, architecture, publishing, modern art and music.  Once a capital of the Roman Empire today the the city of Milan is Italy’s lively center of business, banking and finance.  In Piazza Duomo, the architecture of past centuries blends with the neon lights of a modern metropolis.  It is the city where Leonardo da Vinci painted his masterpiece The Last Supper and invented is canal system, the city where Verdi and Puccini produced their operas still performed today at La Scala Opera House and the city where the Futurists Movement redefined the traditional concept of art.

The IES Abroad Milan Center is located in the city’s bustling historic center, within walking distance of the Duomo, DaVinci’s “Last Supper” and the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.


Previous Italian language study is encouraged but not required.  Higher GPA, junior year standing, and/or further applications may be required to enroll in courses at certain partner universities.

Students are required to enroll in an appropriate-level IES Italian language course. Italian majors and minors are expected to take their major/minor credits in Italian at one of the affiliated IES universities. Italian majors and minors cannot take elective courses in English at the IES Center.

Academic Credit

Students must carry 15-19 credit hours per semester. Students are not permitted to take less than 15 credits unless they have the permission of their dean and advisor in advance. Major, minor, and concentration transfer credit will only be granted for courses in which students received a grade of a C or above.


This program is designed for students with all levels of Italian language skills. Qualified students may enroll in Milanese universities.

Civica Scuola di Musica
Students with no prior Italian may enroll in technique and performance classes (instruments, voice, composition, orchestra, ensembles). Advanced Italian is required for theory courses, although some English-taught theory courses may be arranged as an independent study.

Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi
Individual instruction may be arranged with faculty from the Conservatorio based on skill level. Based on the number of contact hours, students earn 2-3 credits per course for instruction, private lessons, and ensemble work. Either audio or video files/web links are required with the music application.

La Verdi Symphonic Orchestra and Choir
La Verdi provides an opportunity for students to work directly with professional performers and participate in rehearsals and concerts. An audition by either an audio or video file or web link is required, along with the music application. An in-person live audition with the conductor will then be arranged, which will take place when the student arrives in Milan.

Milano Classical Chamber Orchestra: String Orchestra Assistantship (Spring Only)
This assistantship is designed to offer undergraduate string performers the opportunity to enhance their orchestral  practice of both early Baroque and Classical repertoire, including relevant chamber music literature when applicable.

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
The Cattolica campus is a short 5-minute walk from the IES Abroad Milan Center. There are a few Italian-taught music history courses available to students with the appropriate language background.

Music and Voice majors can design individualized programs. Those who do not want to take their own instruments can rent.

Course Highlights

Art History, Art, Communications, Composition, Cultural Studies, Design, Ensembles and Choirs, Environmental Studies, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Film Studies, Genger Studies, History, International Business, Internship, International Relations, Italian, Literature, Music, Music History, Music Theory and Technology, Photography, Political Science, Private Instrument and Voice Instruction, Psychology, Service Learning, Sociology, Urban Studies, Voice Performance

Note: Changes occur frequently. Students are responsible for finding the classes they need and consulting the official site of the institution.

Review the Full Academic Requirements for Studying Abroad


The program begins with a short orientation to help you become familiar with the IES Abroad Milan staff, your fellow students, and the city of Milan. Topics such as academics, housing, transportation, and health and safety are covered during orientation. After orientation, you participate in a three-week intensive language program designed to help you gain practical language skills and to acclimate you to the local environment. IES Abroad schedules several excursions and tours to introduce you to the history, culture, and districts of Milan.

Number of Students

Approximately 100-150 students attend each semester for all of the IES Milan programs.

Housing/Meal Plans

Placements are available in Milanese homes throughout the city. This is a priceless opportunity to learn about Italian families first-hand and engage directly with Italian culture. You have a private or shared room at your homestay and receive breakfast and dinner daily. Commuting time from a typical homestay to the IES Abroad Milan Center can range from five to 40 minutes.

Share a furnished apartment located in a safe and lively district with three to six IES Abroad students. These apartments are single-sex, and you generally share a bedroom with another student. Single rooms in an apartment carry an additional fee. Some apartments are also shared with a live-in Italian roommate called a Community Assistant (CA). These assistants can help you improve your Italian language skills, get to know the city of Milan, and integrate more fully into the local culture. The Italian CAs also spend time at the IES Abroad Center answering questions and working for the program. If improving your Italian is your priority, you may request to live in an Italian-language only apartment.

Meals are not included. Located on main public transportation routes near the Center, apartments offer fully-equipped kitchens, Internet access, a dishwasher, and a washing machine.

Haverford students may not opt for independent off-campus housing – that is, housing not arranged by the program.


IES Abroad Zoom Around the World Virtual Information Sessions

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  • Semester I: Early September to mid-December (mid to late December for students enrolled in partner universities)
  • Semester II: Mid-January to early May (mid-May to mid-June for students enrolled in partner universities)

Application Deadlines

  • Semester I: March 1
  • Semester II: October 1

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