Study Abroad

AIT Budapest

  • Location: Budapest, Hungary
  • Minimum GPA: 3.0
  • Language of Instruction: English
  • Class Eligibility: Juniors, Seniors


COVID-19 Protocols and Travel Warnings

You can read about this program’s COVID-19 safety protocols at this link, and read the CDC Travel Warning and U.S. State Department Travel Advisory at the respective links. For more information about Haverford College Study Abroad and the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, read the Study Abroad homepage here.

Hungary is a nation that is known for its great minds in the computing and technology field from John von Neumann, who developed the principles of stored-program digital computers, Andy Grove, longtime leader of Intel, and and Charles Simonyi, father of Microsoft Office. AIT Budapest brings students from all over the continent of North America to provide them with an inspiring academic program with small classes that emphasize interactivity and creativity. While students have the opportunity to study in the Aquincum Institute of Technology located near the picturesque bank of the Danube River, students are able to experience the vibrant city-life while living in the apartments that are in the center of Budapest.


Students must have completed at least one course that involves programming, exposure to concepts in data structures, and mathematical maturity developed through a college mathematics course beyond calculus (e.g. linear algebra, discrete mathematics, etc.)

Academic Credit

Students are required to enroll in the Hungarian Language I course AND the Hungarian Language II course (each Hungarian language course is only 7 weeks long, so students are required to enroll in both courses). Fulfills Haverford foreign language requirement.

In addition to the Hungarian language courses, students are required to take an additional 3-4 other courses for a total of 5 or 6.  Haverford credit can only be granted for grades of “C” or above.


Courses are offered in computer science foundations, advanced applications, creative design and entrepreneurship, and humanities courses related to Hungary’s rich cultural heritage.

Course Highlights

Computer Science, Cultural Studies, Hungarian, Software Engineering

Note: Changes occur frequently. Students are responsible for finding the classes they need and consulting the official site of the institution.

Review the Full Academic Requirements for Studying Abroad


There will be a brief orientation program the weekend before classes begin. During the orientation session students will get to know one another and AIT will introduce students to the Budapest city center, AIT’s campus, cover the academic course offerings for the semester, and provide students with practical information for having a safe and enjoyable semester in Budapest.

Number of Students

AIT enrolls around 65 U.S. and 15 Hungarian students each semester.

Housing/Meal Plans

Students can request a private studio apartment, a single in a shared apartment, or a shared room in a shared apartment.  AIT helps students find reasonable accommodation for their stay, but AIT does not handle any fees associated with living arrangements. Students will have to pay monthly rent directly to their landlords, which is approximately $320 – $410 per person in addition to a security deposit for incidental damages. Apartments are equipped with internet connection, linens, sheets, washing machine (clothes dryers are rarely used in Hungary), and a fully equipped kitchen.

Students will have access to a full kitchen and are responsible for their own meals.  Haverford students may not opt for housing not arranged by the program.



Additional Resources

Apply to Study Abroad!

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  • Semester
  • Science/Math/Pre-Health/CompSci Approved
  • Fulfills Language Requirement


  • Semester I: Early September to mid-December
  • Semester II: Late January to mid-May

Application Deadlines

  • Semester I: March 1
  • Semester II: October 1

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