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IFSA King’s College London

  • Location: London, England
  • Minimum GPA: 3.3
  • Language of Instruction: English
  • Class Eligibility: Juniors


This program is fall only. Exceptions can only be made for year-long study abroad subjects. Students are required to have an interview with Rebecca Avery prior to completing the Declaration of Intent. This program is highly competitive, so applying early is strongly recommended. 

EXAM SCHEDULE: Due to campus Covid Risk Mitigation plans, King’s has decided that all students will take their fall examinations virtually in January. IFSA will extend their support to students during this time. 

King’s College London (KCL) was established by King George IV in 1829 and became one of the founding colleges of the University of London. It is now a multi-faculty institution with a worldwide reputation for teaching and research. KCL also has a famous library as well as a renowned Religious Studies program. Today, King’s is a world-class university, emphasizing both teaching and research. Located in the heart of London, it is the fourth oldest university in England. In 2012, King’s was ranked as one of the top 30 universities in the world by QS International World Rankings. In the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise for British Universities, 23 departments ranked in the top 25% of British universities. Over half of King’s academic staff works in departments that are in the top 10% in the UK. King’s has a distinguished reputation in the humanities, law, the sciences (including health areas such as psychiatry and medicine), and the social sciences (including international affairs). King’s is in The Complete University Guide’s Top Ten for Anatomy & Physiology (9th), Classics & Ancient History (9th), Drama, Dance & Cinematics (4th), Education (2nd), French (6th), Music (4th), Philosophy (6th), and Physiotherapy (10th).

  • Visa:

    U.S. citizens entering the United Kingdom for a stay of less than six months do not need a visa.  They apply for prior entry clearance as a ‘student visitor’.  Students who plan to work while abroad (voluntary work, internships, placements, part-time work, or vacation work) must apply for a Student Route visa. If students plan to stay in the UK for longer than six months, they must apply for a Student Route visa.

    Non-US citizens should consult with IFSA and the Office of International Student Support before applying to the program.

  • Fees: Students pay Haverford tuition to Haverford College. Haverford will then be responsible for submitting payments to the program. Students pay room and board fees directly to IFSA.

War Studies and English Literature require a minimum 3.5 GPA.

Academic Credit

Students studying for the year should register for 32 credits. Students studying for a semester must take 16 credits. 16 KCL credits are equivalent to 4 Haverford credits. There are some exceptions, such as Philosophy (all courses are 8 credits).  All full year and semester students are required to take the equivalent of a full course load for a KCL student reading for a degree (16 credits). Fall term students may be examined by an alternative means of formal assessment in lieu of the exam. In such cases, a department will either arrange for the student to sit for a specially arranged departmental exam or the student will be required to produce additional course work in the form of extended essays or project work.

Major, minor, and concentration transfer credit will only be granted for courses in which students received a grade of a C or above.


****Many departments have course restrictions – please review the IFSA website carefully! ****

Students must be accepted by a department, but can cross register in humanities and sciences. However, logistically this may not always work well because the campuses are located throughout the city of London. Students must take at least two courses in their department.

Health & Society Pre-Medical Program – 3.7 GPA Requirement
Health and Society is a course for current undergraduate students considering a career in medicine or the allied health professions. The course is designed to offer undergraduate students a taste of the theory and practice of medicine through weekly lecture/seminars and clinical shadowing opportunities in various primary (family practice) and secondary care (hospital) settings.

The course has three specific aims, namely for students to develop a greater awareness of: 

  • The patient experience
  • The healthcare practitioner as scientist, scholar, practitioner, and professional
  • Healthcare systems

What sort of activities characterize the course? 

  • Shadowing clinicians and other healthcare practitioners
  • Attending lectures/seminars led by academics and medical educators
  • Simulated clinical scenarios with actor patients
  • Reading and evaluating healthcare and related literature
  • Using podcasts and watching film
  • Visiting museums and art galleries 
Course Highlights

Refer to the IFSA website for a list of departments open to study abroad students.

Note: Changes occur frequently. Students are responsible for finding the classes they need and consulting the official site of the institution.

Review the Full Academic Requirements for Studying Abroad


Students will participate in the IFSA orientation and the King's College London orientation.

Number of Students

Nearly 23,000 students (including 10,000 postgraduates) from 140 countries.

Housing/Meal Plans

Self-catered residence hall or dormitory. Students are responsible for purchasing and preparing their meals in shared kitchens.

Haverford students may not opt for independent off-campus housing – that is, housing not arranged by the program.


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  • Semester I: Mid-September to mid-December
  • Semester II: N/A

Application Deadlines

  • Semester I: January 15
  • Semester II: N/A

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