Committees & Reports

Faculty Committees and Administrative Assignments

2014-2015 Haverford College faculty salary averages and Provost Office budget.

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2014-2015 Academic Year

  • I. Academic Council
    • President: Daniel Weiss
    • Interim Provost: Kimberly Benston
    • Humanities Representative: Ken Koltun-Fromm
    • Natural Science Representative: Alex Norquist
    • Social Science Representative: Craig Borowiak
    • Faculty Representative At-Large: Josh Sabloff
    • Faculty Representative At-Large: Shizhe Huang

    • Natural Science Representative: Beth Willman
    • Humanities Representative: Koffi Anyinefa
    • Social Science Representative: Jennifer Lilgendahl
    • Alternate Faculty Representative at Large to Council: Kaye Edwards
    • Alternate Faculty Representative at Large to Council: Ben Le

    Appeals Committee
    • Hank Glassman
    • Karin Akerfeldt
    • Raji Mohan

    Faculty Representatives to the Board of Managers
    • Casey Londergan
    • Laura McGrane
  • II. Standing Committees
    Educational Policy Committee
    • Chair: Philip Meneely
    • Interim Provost: Kim Benston
    • Faculty representatives: Koffi Anyinefa, Marilyn Boltz
    • Director of Multicultural Affairs: Theresa Tensuan
    • Dean of the College (Martha Denney) and Designate: Philip Bean
    • Student representatives: Two student representatives TBD
    • Ex Officio: Registrar (Jim Keane)

    Committee on Student Standings and Programs
    • Chair: Vlad Kontorovich
    • Faculty representatives: Robert Germany
    • Dean of the College or designate (Philip Bean) / Dean of Admissions
    • Student representatives: Renee King '16, Miriam Perez-Putnam '16, Tamar Hoffman '16

    College Honors, Fellowships, and Prizes Committee
    • Chair: Darin Hayton
    • Faculty representatives: Ana Lopez-Sanchez, Iruka Okeke (fall), Steve Lindell (spring)
    • Dean of the College or designate (Philip Bean)
    • Student representatives: Alexandra Lamacki '16, Michaela Novakovic '17, Leslie Tjing '15

    Administrative Advisory Committee
    • Chair: Dave Wonnacott
    • Faculty representatives: Saleha Jilani; Joel Yurdin
    • President: Daniel Weiss
    • Vice President for Finance and Administration and Treasurer: Mitch Wein
    • Associate Vice President for Finance: Michael Casel
    • Budget Director: Deb Fullam
    • Dean of the College: Martha Denney
    • Staff representatives: Marian Carroll and Elizabeth Romano
    • Student representatives: Brian Guggenheimer, Andrew Glaser and Conor Brennan-Burke
    • Interim Provost: Kim Benston
    • Associate Provosts: Rob Fairman; Fran Blase

    Committee on Admissions (Suspended for 2014-15)

    Faculty Affairs and Planning Committee
    • Chair: Casey Londergan
    • Faculty Representatives: Kim Benston, ex officio, Bret Mulligan, Darin Hayton, Jill Stauffer, Laura McGrane
  • III. Program and Center Directors
    Program Director
    Center for Peace & Global Citizenship Parker Snowe - Executive Director
    Anne Preston - Faculty Director
    John B. Hurford '60 Center for the Arts and Humanities Laura McGrane
    Koshland Integrated Natural Sciences Center Judy Owen
    Writing Center Kristin Lindgren
    Program Director
    Chinese Language Program Shizhe Huang
    Japanese Language Program Tetsuyo Sato
    Writing Program Debora Sherman
    TriCollege Linguistics Coordinator Shizhe Huang
  • IV. Special Faculty Assignments
    Clearness Committee

    David Owens

    Clerk of the Faculty

    Israel Burshatin

    College Space Planning Committee

    Chair: Rob Fairman
    Participating Faculty: Richard Freedman; Ben Le; Laura McGrane (Kim Benston)

    Committee on Environmental Responsibility

    Administrator: TBD
    Faculty Representatives: Steve Finley; Ying Li
    Two Staff Representatives: TBD
    Four Student Representatives: TBD

    Chesick Program

    Jeff Tecosky-Feldman (Chair); Phil Bean; Kim Benston; Fran Blase; Kelly Wilcox

    Faculty Marshal

    Bruce Partridge

    Faculty Representative to Athletics

    Casey Londergan

    Faculty Representatives – Cases of Sexual and Racial Harassment

    Appointed Faculty: Heidi Jacob; Graciela Michelotti; Tetsuya Sato
    Elected faculty: Kaye Edwards, Karin Akerfeldt

    Faculty Secretary

    Linda Gerstein

    Gest Director

    Naomi Koltun-Fromm

    Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

    Chair: Rob Manning
    Veterinarian: Joanna Fried
    Faculty Reps: Judy Owen; Kathleen Wright
    Non-Affiliated Member: John Rossi
    Ex officio member: Nicholas Jones, Rodent Facility Manager

    Institutional Biosafety Committee and Laboratory Safety Committee

    Chair: Fran Blase
    Faculty Representatives: Karl Johnson; Walter Smith; Willie Williams; Robert Fairman
    Staff representative: Mark Sweeney
    Outside representation: James McCans, Shirly Mildiner-Earley

    Institutional Review Board (for research involving human subjects)

    Chair: Richard Ball
    Psychology Department Chair or designate: Ben Le
    Natural Science representative: Steve Lindell
    Athletics Director or Designate: Wendy Smith
    Physician: Joel Lowenthal
    Non-affiliated Member: Joan Capuzzi
    Human Protection Administrator: Robert Fairman
    Federal Grants Officer: Steven Elkin
    Executive Assistant: Lisa Griffin

    International Committee

    Chair: Donna Mancini
    Faculty Representatives: Linda Gerstein: Bruce Partridge
    Writing Director: Debora Sherman


    Rob Fairman; Tina Zwarg (spring)

    Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Chair

    Maud McInerney

    Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Dean's Chair

    Theresa Tensuan

    Mellon Tri-Co Arabic Language Program Advisory Committee

    Haverford Faculty Representative: Robert Germany
    Bryn Mawr College Faculty Representative: TBD
    Swarthmore College Faculty Representative: TBD

    Multicultural Scholars Program

    Chair: Jeff Tecosky-Feldman
    Faculty Representative: Brook Lillehaugen

  • V. Ad Hoc Hiring Committees

    Chair: Weiwen Miao
    Members: Rachel Hoang; Phil Meneely


    Chair: JD Dougherty
    Members: Becky Compton; Jen Lilgendahl


    Chair: Paul Smith
    Members: Richard Ball; Giri Parameswaran

    Quaker Studies

    Chair: Kaye Edwards
    Members: Jim Krippner; Jill Stauffer; Willie Williams


    Chair: Hank Glassman
    Members: Ken Koltun-Fromm; Anne McGuire; Zolani Noonan-Ngwane


    Chair: Ashok Gangadean
    Members: Laurie Hart; Jesse Shipley; Helen White

    Bryn Mawr Searches

    Creative Writing : Asali Solomon

    Philosophy : Kathleen Wright

    Physics : Desika Narayanan

    Sociology : Matt McKeever

    Theater : Tom Lloyd

  • VI. Special Student Advisors

    Stephen McGovern


    Walter Smith


    Fran Blase; Judy Owen; Jeff Tecosky-Feldman; Jen Lilgendahl

    Vet Medicine

    Abby Schutzman

  • VII. Steering Committees
    Center for Peace and Global Citizenship

    Executive Director: Parker Snowe
    Faculty Director: Anne Preston
    Faculty Representatives: Aurelia Gomez-Unamuno; Zach Oberfield

    Hurford '60 Center for the Arts and Humanities

    Koshland Director: Laura McGrane
    Faculty Representatives: Markus Baenziger; Liz Beazley; Hank Glassman; Lisa McCormick

    Koshland Integrated Natural Science Center

    Director: Judy Owen
    Faculty Representatives: Lou Charkoudian; Jeff Tecosky-Feldman
    Program Coordinator: Kate Heston
    KINSC Program Coordinator: Marielle Eaton

    Mellon Tri-College Forum

    Chair: Kate Thomas, Bryn Mawr
    Haverford Faculty Representative: Lynne Butler
    Swarthmore Faculty Representative: Grace Ledbetter

    Tri-Co Environmental Studies Steering Committee

    Haverford Chair: Helen White
    Two Faculty Reps: Andrew Friedman: Josh Moses

    Tri-Co Digital Humanities Steering Commitee

    Haverford Chair: Richard Freedman
    Faculty reps: Laura McGrane
    Library: Terry Snyder

    IT Policy Working Group

    Faculty Representative: Desika Narayanan; Josh Schrier