Administrative Advisory Committee

The Administrative Advisory Committee offers advice to the President and other senior administrators on all College business matters where faculty concern is strong. This responsibility includes:

  • Participation in the preparation of the annual budget for the coming fiscal year and a review of the previous year's performance. AAC reviews data pertaining to all of the major areas of revenue and expenditure and gives its advice as to the proper balance between competing needs.
  • Review of progress towards the College's long term plans;
  • Review of general salary and fringe benefit policies;
  • Advice on planning for and maintenance of the College's buildings and grounds;
  • Review of the College's development priorities and plans.

The AAC membership includes one faculty member from each division (of whom one is chair and one who is designated chair-elect), three students, one representative of the Staff Association, one representative of the Dean's office selected in consultation with the President, the Vice President for Finance and Administration, and the President and Provost ex officio.

Committee on Faculty Compensation, Study, and Research The Faculty members of AAC form a separate Committee on Faculty Compensation, Study, and Research. The Compensation Committee meets occasionally to advise the Provost and the Vice President for Finance and Administration, as appropriate, on matters connected with:

  • Faculty salary administration and compensation policy;
  • Sabbatic leave research and travel funds and the environment for faculty research and study;
  • Faculty housing.