Student Profiles

All you'll need is your regular Haverford e-mail username and password.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Haverford student profile?

The student profiles are a chance for you to show your Haverford face to the world (or only to other Haverford students, faculty and staff, if you prefer). Your student profile will allow you to upload a PDF of your resume, create photo albums, and generally express yourself in any way you choose. You can also create links to other Haverford students and organizations in your personal network, and to other Web sites and social networks you use most frequently.

Do I have to create one?

No, profiles are completely optional.

Is all the information in my profile open to the public?

Your profile can be marked "public" or "Haverford only." So that's up to you. And your contact information will only be accessible to other Haverford users.

Are there rules about what I can and can't say on my profile?

No. The Honor Code applies to online communications just like it does to those in the real world, and that's the only concrete rule that applies.

If I don't like any of the built-in designs, can I create my own?

Yes! In addition to the built-in themes, you can choose your own colors, fonts and photography, and if you know CSS, you're free to add your own custom CSS as well. We're always looking for new themes, so your expertise can help others, too.

Student Groups

All Haverford student groups are eligible to create profile sites. Student group profiles have most of the same features as student profiles, plus the ability to add events and network members.

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