Board of Managers

The Board of Managers is responsible for selecting the President of the College and for establishing policies related to the governance, the course of study, and the management of the College's resources. The Board meets four times a year.

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Board Leadership

  • Howard W. Lutnick

    Howard W. Lutnick '83

  • Christopher K. Norton

    Christopher K. Norton '80

  • Dana Shanler Ladden

    Dana Shanler Ladden '84

Current Managers

  • Charles G. Beever '74
    New York, NY
    Seth P. Bernstein '84
    New York, NY
    James L. Boyer '58
    Hamden, CT
    Jacqueline V. Brady '89
    Bryn Mawr, PA
    Amy Taylor Brooks '92
    Thornton, PA
    Anjan K. Chatterjee '80
    Philadelphia, PA
    Ginny Christensen
    Wyncote, PA
    Elizabeth Enloe
    New York, NY
    Jonathan Wood Evans '77
    Glen Mills, PA
    Timur F. Galen '77
    New York, NY
    Christopher T. Gant '83
    Chestnut Hill, MA
  • Sidney "Skip" Herman '75
    Chicago, IL
    Steven M. Jaharis '82
    Winnetka, IL
    Garry W. Jenkins '92
    Columbus, OH
    Roger B. Kafker '84
    Wellesley, MA
    Michael B. Kim '85
    Seoul, Korea
    Dana Shanler Ladden '84
    New York, NY
    Howard W. Lutnick '83
    New York, NY
    William J. Marsden, Jr. '78
    Wilmington, DE
    Irene E. McHenry
    Philadelphia, PA
    William B. Moss '05, Associate
    San Francisco, CA
    Christopher K. Norton '80
    New Canaan, CT
  • Jennifer S. Perkins '82
    Chevy Chase, MD
    Henry J. Ritchotte '85
    London, United Kingdom
    Sheila K. Sachs
    Baltimore, MD
    Ann V. Satterthwaite
    Philadelphia, PA
    Elon D. Spar '83
    Beverly Hills, CA
    John R. Taylor '83
    New York, NY
    Daniel H. Weiss
    Haverford, PA
    Allan Richard White III '81
    Boulder, CO
    Sarah Willie-LeBreton '86
    Media, PA
    Paul G. Zoidis II '81
    Westfield, NJ

Representatives & Guests
  • Spencer M. Ware '01
    President, Alumni Association
    Jesse Lytle
    Chief of Staff & Secretary of the Board
    Vernon L. Francis '82
    Legal Counsel
    Casey Londergan
    Faculty Rep
    Laura McGrane
    Faculty Rep
    Bruce Bumbarger
    Staff Rep
    Carol E. Wagner
    Staff Rep
    Joan Wankmiller
    Executive Assistant to the President
    S. Adrienne Selinger
    Senior Assistant to the Chief of Staff
  • Maria G. Bojorquez-Gomez '16
    Students' Council
    Claire T. Dinh '16
    Students' Council
    Sarah Eppler-Epstein '15
    Class Rep
    Jeremy B. Steinberg '16
    Class Rep
Managers Emeriti
J. Morris Evans '43
Gwynedd, PA
William H. Harris '49
Belmont, MA
Robert MacCrate '43
New York, NY
David E. Stokes '44
Lafayette Hill, PA