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Haverford College
Departments of Physics and Astronomy
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Welcome to Physics and Astronomy at Haverford

The concepts and methods of physics are fundamental throughout the sciences, and have produced profound scientific, philosophical, and technological developments. Our departments are built on close work between students and faculty on cutting-edge research, with nearly all physics, astronomy and astrophysics majors participating.

Why Physics & Astronomy at Haverford: Student Research

Virtually all our majors engage in cutting-edge research, working closely with faculty in fields such as biophysics, quantum computers, cosmology, quantum gravity, fluid dynamics, nanoscience, and extra-galactic astronomy. More on Student Research >

Why Physics & Astronomy at Haverford: Post Graduation

Our majors go on to the top echelon of graduate schools; to careers in engineering and computers; to medicine, law, and public policy; to high-school teaching; and to dozens of other career choices. More on Post Graduation >

Why Physics & Astronomy at Haverford: Faculty

We are innovative and dedicated teachers. Four out of our seven tenure-track faculty have been appointed since 2006. More on Faculty >

Why Physics & Astronomy at Haverford: Community

Our students collaborate -- with faculty, and one another. There is a strong sense of community in our department. More on Community >

Why Physics & Astronomy at Haverford: Theory

Our six person department is uniquely strong for a liberal arts college, including faculty who study quantum computing, computational galaxy formation, and dark matter. Haverford owns a shared computing cluster on which this research is conducted. More on Theory >

Inside Physics & Astronomy @ Haverford


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