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Haverford College
Departments of Physics and Astronomy
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Past Visitors & Speakers

Each year, an endowed fund enables us to bring a series of distinguished physicists to the campus. Typically, a visitor will give a public lectures, meet informally with faculty and students, and visit classes. These visitors help bring path breaking work going on at research centers nationwide to Haverford, both in and out of the classroom.


Dave Goldberg, Department of Physics, Drexel University
Alycia Weinberger, Carnegie Department of Terrestrial Magnetism


David Gaynes, Director of the documentary Saving Hubble
Nitya Kallivayalil, Department of Astronomy, University of Virginia
Charlie Kane, Department of Physics, University of Pennsylvania


Bill Forman, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
Margaret Geller, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
Christine Jones, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
Scott Kenyon, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory


David Hogg, Department of Physics, NYU
David Spergel, Department of Astronomy, Princeton University


Dave Charbonneau, Department of Astronomy, Harvard University
Neal Weiner, Department of Physics, NYU


Rocky Kolb, Department of Physics, University of Chicago
Alex Rudolph, Department of Physics, Cal Poly Pomona


Philips Visitors:
Eric Mazur, Department of Physics & Division of Applied Sciences, Harvard University
Edward Farhi , Department of Physics, MIT
Mike Werner, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Mark Goulian
, Physics Department & School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Nick Ouellette, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Haverford College
Laura Grego , Union of Concerned Scientists
Spencer Golden, Consultant
Dr. Chris Hooley, University of St. Andrews
Craig Arnold, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University


Philips Visitors:
Lyman Page, Department of Physics, Princeton University
Lydia Sohn, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of California at Berkeley

Ravi Sheth, Physics Department, University of Pennsylvania
Peter Kaplan, Unilever Corp.
Brent Nelson, University of Pennsylvania
Jelena Stajic, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Philip Johnson, National Institutes of Standards and Technology
Joseph Barranco, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Leonard Silbert, University of Chicago
Donald Priour, University of Maryland
Peter Love, D-Wave Systems


Frank von Hippel, Professor of Public and International Affairs; Co-Director, Program on Science and Global Security, Princeton University
C. Megan Urry, Professor of Physics & Astrophysics, Yale University Director, Yale Center for Astronomy & Astrophysics
Steven Girvin, Physics Department, Yale University
Rainer Weiss, founder of the LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory) project and Professor Emeritus at MIT


Harry Swinney - Professor of Physics, University of Texas
Catherine Crouch - Professor of Physics, Swarthmore College
S. James Gates, Jr. - Professor and Director of the center for String and Particle Theory,
University of Maryland at College Park
Mark A. Ratner - Chemistry Department, Northwestern University
Troy Shinbrot- Department of Biomedical Engineering, Rugers University
George Levine - Professor of English, Rutgers University
Other Visitors:
Paul Halpern - University of the Sciences
Sharmila Kamat - Case Western Reserve
Robert Norwood - RAN Associates
Thomas Crawford ('92) - Seagate Research, Pittsburgh, PA
Bruce Hubbard
, Cornell University
Julie Zachariades (HC Physics '98)
David Cooper (HC Physics '99)


Arjun Yodh - Professor of Physics, University of Pennsylvania
Greg Bothun - Professor of Astronomy, University of Oregon
George Whitesides - Professor of Chemistry, Harvard University
Other Visitors:
Jon McCoy - Haverford ('98)
Benjamin North -Haverford ('99)
Camilla Voeltz- University of Bayreuth (Germany)
Mingming Wu- Occidental College


David Morrison - NASA Ames
Jonathan Grindlay - Professor of Astronomy, Harvard University
Eric Adelberger - Professor of Physics, University of Washington
Jeff Greenblatt (HC '93)
Paul Chaikin - Professor of Physics, Princeton University and Lucent Technologies
Lillian McDermott - Professor of Physics, University of Washington
Charles Lieber - Professor of Physics, Harvard University


Phil Holmes - Professor of Physics, Princeton University
Jose Mestre - Professor of Physics, University of Massachusetts
Anneila Sargent - Professor of Astronomy, California Institute of Technology
Mara Prentiss - Professor of Physics, Harvard University
Charles Bennett - IBM T. J. Watson Research Laboratory


June Matthews - Professor of Physics, M.I.T.
Joscelyn Bell Burnell - Visiting Prof. at Princeton
Robert H. Austin - Professor of Physics - Princeton University


Jacqueline Krim - Professor of Physics, North Carolina State University
Larry Schramm - Bioengineering and Neuroscience, Johns Hopkins University
Jürgen Behm - University of ULM , Germany
Bruce Danly - Naval Research Laboratory
Marc Sher - Professor of Physics, College of William and Mary
Geoffrey Marcy - University of California, Berkeley


Larry Gladney - Professor of Physics, The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Joseph W. Lyding - Prof. of Computer & Electrical Engineering, The University of Illinois
Susan Coppersmith - Professor of Physics, The University of Chicago
Daniel Lathrop - Professor of Physics, The University of Maryland
Debra Elmegreen - Professor of Astronomy , Vassar College (Keck Astro Visitor)


Wendy Freedman - Astronomer at the Carnegie Observatories, Pasadena, CA
Sidney Nagel -Professor of Physics, University of Chicago
Michael L. Roukes - Professor of Physics, California Institute of Technology


Nicholas Giordano - Professor of Physics, Purdue University
Edward Groth -Professor of Astronomy, Princeton University
Jacqueline Hewitt - Professor of Astronomy, MIT
Kyle Vanderlick- Professor of Chemical Engineering, Univ. of Pennsylvania


T. S. Ray - Assoc. Professor of Life & Health Sciences, University of Delaware
Michael Tinkham - Rumford Professor of Physics, Harvard University
Jim Gates - Professor of Physics, University of Maryland


Leo Kadanoff - Professor of Physics, University of Chicago
Robert Laibowitz - Research Scientist, IBM Watson Research Center
Robert Westervelt - Professor of Physics, Harvard University


Alice White - A.T.& T.; Bell Laboratories
Steven Chu - Professor of Physics, Stanford University
Alan Guth - Professor of Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Frank Shu - Professor of Astronomy, University of California-Berkeley
Boris Malomed - Professor of Mathematics, Tel Aviv University
Richard Webb - Thomas J. Watson Research Laboratory - IBM
Jacqueline Van Gorkom - Professor of Astronomy, Columbia University


Ray Pierrehumbert - Professor of Geophysical Science, University of Chicago
Mike Werner - Senior Astronomer, The Jet Propulsion Laboratory-Pasadena, Ca. and
   Principal Scientist for NASA's Space Infrared Telescope Facility satellite mission.


Leo Blitz - Professor of Physics and Astronomy, University of Maryland
Alexander Dalgarno - Philips Prof. of Astro.- Harvard-Smithsonian Ctr. for Astrophysics
Fang Li Zhi - Political Dissident and Astrophysicist, Instit. of Ad. Studies, Princeton, NJ
Catherine Pilachowski - Astronomer, National Optical Astronomy Observatories
Juan Uson - National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Socorro, New Mexico
Ellen Williams - Associate Professor of Physics, University of Maryland


Joan Centrella - Professor of Physics, Drexel University
Peder Estrup - Professor of Physics and Chemistry, Brown University
Rob Phillips - Physics Department, Sandia National Laboratory


Colonel Charles Bolden - NASA Astronaut, Pilot of Upcoming Space Shuttle Mission
Noel Clark - Professor of Physics, University of Colorado
Rabindra Mohapatra - Department of Physics, University of Maryland
John Paulson '51 - Airforce Geophysical Laboratory, Bedford, MA
Harry L. Swinney - Department of Physics, University of Texas, Austin
David Wilkinson - Higgins Prof. of Physics & Chair-Dept. of Physics, Princeton University