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Haverford College
Departments of Physics and Astronomy
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Our graduates pursue an impressive variety of activities and careers.

Careers (link to Alumni Careers List)

Training in physics constitutes broad preparation for a variety of career options. The diversity of occupations our majors have entered over the past 40 years is impressive. Here is a list, which first appeared in Physics Today.


Many Haverford physics and astronomy majors routinely win national awards, including:

  • Goldwater Award winners Martin Blood-Forsythe (Physics '10), Anna Klales (Physics '09), Megan Roscioli (Astro '05), and Christine Lamanna (Astro '04)
  • Martin Blood-Forsythe ('10 Churchill Scholarship)
  • Anna Pancoast (Physics & Astronomy '09) National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship
  • Anna Klales (Physics '09) National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship
  • Dylan Hatt (Physics & Astronomy '10) Fulbright Award
  • Byron Drury (Physics '08, Churchill Scholarship & Apker Award)
  • Brook Henkel (Physics/Astro '05, Fulbright award)
  • Amy Perlman (Physics '05, Knowles Science Teaching Foundation fellowship)
  • Josh Adelman (Department of Energy Computational Fellowship, Biophysics '03)
  • Benjamin North (Physics/Biophysics '99, IGERT fellowship)
  • Ben Williams (Physics '96, Apker Award)
  • Craig Arnold (Physics '94, National Defense Science & Engineering Fellowship)

The prestigious and highly-selective National Science Foundation CAREER grant has been given to Haverford alumni young faculty members Ian Dell'Andonio ('89, now at Brown University), Rupali Chandar ('91, now at U. Toledo), Liese van Zee (Astronomy '91, now at Indiana University), Stephon Alexander (Physics '93, now at Haverford), Craig Arnold (Physics '94, now at Princeton) and Alexander Rudolph (’82, now at California State Polytechnic University).