August Muller holds her utensil-holding prosthesis prototype

Due to COVID-19, the College’s first ever Design + Making Collaborative had to be run virtually, but that didn’t keep its three student participants from creating utensil-holding devices for a double amputee via a partnership with E-Nable.

Instructor Mark Stein wears a mask while conducting a chemistry experiment for a video camera.

After a spring of COVID-mandated virtual learning, faculty partnered with students as part of a new summer program to revise courses and make them more inclusive and responsive.

Brett Mozarsky at the computer where he tutors remotely for frontline workers' kids
His Free for the Frontlines Tutors, begun in March as schools shut down due to COVID-19, uses fellow Ford volunteers to remotely help high school and middle school students with their virtual coursework.


A grid of portraits of new professors, ctrlockwise from top left: Ava Shirazi, Clyde Daly, Sarah-Jane Koulen, Amy Cooke, Luis Rodríguez-Rincón, and Alvin Grissom II.

This year, new professors joined the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Classics, Computer Science, and Spanish, as well as the Peace, Justice, and Human Rights Program. 

Jeff Zinn Reads Excerpts from Professor Gus Stadler's Forthcoming Woody Guthrie Book

Lou Charkoudian in her lab

Building on earlier NIH-funded work that engaged 40 undergraduate researchers, the associate professor of chemistry will continue her acyl carrier protein research thanks to a new $297,992 grant.

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