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The First Folio of Shakespeare
The First Folio of Shakespeare

Student-Curated Digital Exhibit Celebrates Shakespeare's 450th Birthday

April 23, 2014 marked the 450th birthday of William Shakespeare. To commemorate the occasion, students Jon Sweitzer-Lamme '14 and Thomas Littrell '15 created a digital exhibit, Shakespeare in His Time and for All Time, that uses digitzed images of Shakespeare publications in Special Collections to explore the various aspects of his work and legacy. Items include the famous (and rare) First Folio (only 228 known copies exist); Haverford's copy was donated in 1947 by William Pyle Philips, class of 1902. Related works are also featured, including a 1737 edition of William Havard's Charles I, an "imitation of Shakespear" [sic], and the so-called "Geneva Bible" of 1560, which Shakespeare referred to in writing his plays.

Sweitzer-Lamme and Littrell also wrote helpful commentary for the exhibit on, among other things, Shakespeare as a writer, as artistic inspiration, and as a bone of contention among scholars. They also explore the rich history of Shakespeare forgeries, starting with the Ireland forgeries of the late 18th century, using some known forgeries in Haverford's collection.

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