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Spotlighted Student: Jennifer DiCandilo '14

Coach Ward of Haverford College’s softball team recruited Jennifer (Jen) DiCandilo ’14 the summer before her senior year of high school. When Jen visited the college she fell in love with the campus, its community feel, and Honor Code.

After participating in an overnight with the softball team, she selected Haverford and joined the team playing third base. She has been co-captain since her junior year.

Throughout high school, Jen had an affinity for economics and mathematics. Upon entering college, she made the logical decision to major in economics with a concentration in mathematical economics.

Her thesis in Economics was set in motion from her research paper in Professor David Owens’ Junior Research Seminar, Psychological Biases. The paper focused on behavioral sports economics, and helped her to narrow down her thesis topic. She plans to analyze the impact of the new signing bonus restrictions in the Major League Baseball Draft instituted in the 2011 MLB Collective Bargaining Agreement. As of 2012, each individual draft pick in the first 10 rounds is assigned a value, and teams are limited to spending the sum of the values of their draft picks in the first 10 rounds. If they spend in excess of the pool, they are taxed and may have a future draft pick taken away. The owners' goal in instituting these rules was to decrease the exorbitant signing bonus levels; the league administrators wished to increase league-wide competitive balance; and the players' union wished to keep some bargaining power on the side of the draftees. Using draft data and team data from recent years, her thesis will analyze whether or not these goals were accomplished as well as the aspects of a team that makes them willing to exceed their assigned pool and pay the tax.

She has integrated summer course-work and internships into her schedule in order to deepen her scholarly pursuits. The summer following her sophomore year she stayed home (Berwyn, PA) and enrolled in two accounting courses at the University of Pennsylvania. That same summer she worked at TMS II, LLC, a small accounting firm in Philadelphia where she organized charity events, maintained donations, managed accounting books, and helped with administrative duties. The small firm provides clientele with personal attention in investing, tax guidance and financial and retirement coaching.

After her junior year she spent the summer studying for her GMATs and interned at Axa Advisors, a financial planning firm in Bala Cynwyd, PA. She worked closely with a client relations manager to help track investment mapping assets and provide graphs of liabilities and investments.

Post-graduation she will attend Vanderbilt’s Master’s of Accountancy program. Once she has earned her Master’s Degree she strives to work for one of the big four firms, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, or KPMG. She wants to gain experience at a big firm with later aspirations of owning her own small accounting firm.

Prof. Anita Isaacs (Political Science) and students cross Founders Green after class.

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