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Spotlighted Student: Louis Cipriano '14

In Dunmore, PA, where high school sports are known for being lively and competitive, Louis Cipriano ’14 learned the game of basketball, a passion that has endured through college. He has played shooting guard on the Haverford varsity basketball team since freshman year and is currently the co-captain.


During high school Louis was at a University of Pennsylvania basketball camp when Haverford basketball Coach Michael Mucci recruited him. Louis had heard of Haverford College, knew about its first rate academics, and had driven past the college enough times to laud its beauty. Following an over-night visit with the team, he was smitten enough to apply Early Decision.


Louis is Minoring in Anthropology with a major in Economics. Knowing that economics provides a practical base of knowledge, he enjoys the discipline’s real world applications, its financial approach, and the critical thinking and research analysis components. Notably, Anne Preston’s Measuring Discrimination, David Owens’ Behavioral Economics and Indradeep Ghosh’s Crises courses have deepened his passion for the discipline.


Internships during the summer months have been meaningful to Louis. The summer following his freshman year Louis spent some time interning as a researcher in the Scranton based Minora Law Firm. He proofread briefs, critiqued law cases, and attended hearings and trials. For the rest of the summer he lived on campus and coached at Haverford’s 76ers summer basketball camp.


Louis spent the next summer working with alumni Brad Aronson ’93 (English major) and Eli Schwarz ’13 (Economics major). His primary function was to drive traffic for Brad’s newly formed start-up blog. With Brad’s guidance in entrepreneurial ventures, blog activity increased 1,000 %. Louis also took a three week course, Microeconomics, at the London School of Economics, which happened to be where the 2012 summer Olympics were being held. He had the good fortune of obtaining tickets to watch the United States women’s soccer team play Japan and win the gold. He also received passes to track and field events.


The summer months after Louis’s junior year were split between two activities. He did an internship with the marketing agency Neiman Group, which has since merged with Allen & Gerritsen (A & G). He spent time researching competitive markets and sitting in on brain storming sessions for accounts such as Yuengling, Sunoco, Temple University and Villanova University’s capital campaign. After the Neiman Group internship Louis traveled to Costa Rica for ten days where he coached basketball and instructed under-privileged students.


For his thesis Louis will be testing for labor market discrimination among NCAA coaches, specifically, in Women's Division 1 basketball. He plans to observe if there are unjust pay differentials between male and female head coaches. He will also test whether this differential is affected by the sex of the school's Athletic Director and/or President.


Following graduation Louis is considering joining Venture for America, a program where recent graduates spend two years delving into a start-up company developing tools and building up experience. He is contemplating a career in finance, investment banking and/or financial advising, but before settling into a business career, he may spend a year traveling abroad to teach, play and coach basketball.


Louis serves on the Commencement Committee, and is Co-founder of the Sports Management Team.

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