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2012 Monell Science Apprenticeship Program

The Monell Chemical Senses Center is the world’s only scientific research institute dedicated to conducting basic research on taste, smell, and nutritional sciences.  Each summer, the Center conducts a Science Apprenticeship Program to introduce local high school and undergraduate students to scientific research.

The mission of this program is to increase scientific knowledge and technical expertise, and stimulate an interest in the biomedical science or medicine as careers by accomplishing the following goals:

  • Provide students with hands-on research training.
  • Improve student learning in science and encourage critical thought and communication skills.
  • Increase appreciation of the chemical senses.

We welcome all Philadelphia students who are curious about biomedical science to apply. The program is especially committed to promoting diversity in the sciences and makes a strong effort to encourage students from groups underrepresented in the science professions – including females, racial minorities, and the economically disadvantaged – to apply.

Enclosed are application forms and a flyer describing the program.  Please feel free to make additional copies and distribute to your colleagues.  Applications must be returned by January 23, 2012 along with a science teacher or counselor recommendation and personal statement from the student.

Students are highly encouraged to gain assistance from a professor or advisor when completing the application. If a student is unable to get assistance, they may contact Ms. Jessica Jones, Manager of Youth Programs at the Franklin Institute, for advice on the personal statement essay.  All inquiries about the program, application process, and eligibility should be directed or 267-519-4704.

Please send all correspondence to the Monell Science Apprenticeship Program at 3500 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104 or

The intersection of College Lane and Coursey Road in front of the Cricket Pitch.

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