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Economics Senior Spotlight - Bryan Henrick '12

Four things were foremost in Bryan Henrick’s ’12 thoughts when looking at colleges: 1) playing on a baseball team, 2) vigorous academics, 3) a strong economics department, and 4) close to his New York home. Bryan had not heard of Haverford College, but when baseball Coach David Beccaria approached him about Haverford’s team, he did some research and saw that the institution met all four of his criteria.



During his overnight visit with the baseball team Bryan liked the environment, felt at home, and found everyone to be extremely welcoming, so much so that he applied to the college and has not looked back with any regrets.



Bryan’s father has had a lot of influence in his life. Being a big fan of baseball, he encouraged his son to play the game, which Bryan has done since he was 6 years old. His father also enjoys the stock market and has given Bryan the opportunity to co-manage an investment portfolio for the family. This has led the economics major to pursue a career as an analyst in the banking industry.



Bryan’s first exposure to economics was an Introduction to Microeconomics class in high school. He and the teacher ‘clicked’, having many informal conversations outside the classroom about the Red Sox (their favorite team) and Wall Street. Before becoming a teacher Bryan’s mentor had worked on Wall Street. He shared those experiences with Bryan which further entrenched Bryan’s desire to pursue a career in finance.



Before his senior year in high school, Bryan spent the summer training with a professional baseball coach who specializes in pitchers. Robert Steinert of “Complete Game Institute” worked closely with Bryan and their relationship continued through college when Mr. Steinert offered Bryan an informal internship during the summer after his sophomore year. Bryan learned about the day-to-day operations of a small business, specifically the focus, expense, and effort invested in marketing a small business.



Speaking of baseball… Bryan is a left-handed pitcher for the team and last season the Fords (Haverford’s baseball team) set new team records for over-all wins, with Bryan setting an individual season pitching record!



This past summer, as a rising college senior, Bryan interned in J P Morgan’s private banking sector in Philadelphia. Through this internship he was offered, and has accepted, a position as an analyst, with employment beginning the summer of 2012. His core responsibilities will include participating in the management of client dossiers, reporting on portfolio performances, assembling marketing packets and researching new client potential.



Money and Banking, an economics course taught by Professor Indradeep Ghosh, stands out as a favorite of Bryan’s. Due to the curricular focus on finance, his interest in hedge-funds and pricing stocks heightened. For instance, a highlight in the class was a project where students invested and ‘played’ the market with a mock million dollar portfolio.



Also, Professor Shannon Mudd’s Corporate Finance course furthered his knowledge in the finance industry by exploring and evaluating historical trends in stocks.



Because the impact of a firm's industry on its level of stock underpricing has not really been examined, his thesis in economics will look at a few things. He will examine the role of industry in determining the level of stock underpricing during an Initial Public Offering (IPO), as well as whether technology or financial firms experience larger levels of underpricing. In addition, on their IPO date, firms tend to experience a large midday "spike" in their stock price, only to see it settle at a much lower price by the end of the trading day. Given the little research done on this phenomenon, he will aim to explain how common this "spike" is and what exactly magnifies it.



In addition to a major in Economics, Bryan will matriculate with a Concentration in Mathematical Economics. He has a clear picture of what his future at J P Morgan holds. He would like to end up in the hedge fund world, specifically at long/short hedge funds (a fund that invests primarily in stocks). After working in Philadelphia for 2-3 years, he plans to make the switch to the private banking arm of the business, joining the Equity Solutions team in New York, moving up from analyst to associate. Eventually he plans either to enroll in graduate school or to go directly into the hedge fund world.

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