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David Burstein '11 and Jon Delano '71 are following this year's presidential election and will have updates throughout the campaign.
David Burstein '11 and Jon Delano '71 are following this year's presidential election and will have updates throughout the campaign.

The Road to the White House: Whispering Campaigns

Jon Delano: Hi David. Before we get going, I thought you were terrific on CSPAN the other night.

David D. Burstein: Thanks, it was a really good piece.

JD: Did any "youngsters" respond to your call?

DB: Yes, lots. we were flooded with responses.

JD: Great. I was pleased when The Washington Times op ed editor asked me to write a piece on the PA Primary. The real question today is, will the PA primary count, or will it all be over before then? I covered an Obama rally in Youngstown OH the other day.

DB: depends on Texas and Ohio. I don't think Hillary will win both, but if she wins one she might stay in.

JD: I agree. One win gives her an argument to stick around, but it may not change the outcome.

DB: Yes and she's looking for a reason to stay in.

JD: I do think the national media has been more than a little negative against her.

DB: They've always been hard on her though and it doesn’t do her good to complain about media coverage. It makes her seem desperate.

JD: My own view is that the barrier against women is tougher than against African Americans when it comes to politics.

DB: I think there are big challenges for both.

JD: I don't think she's complained publicly about it. We are still not quite there on lots of levels.

DB: Well, Howard Wolfson has.

JD: I mean we've only had one Catholic president, no Jewish president, no women, no blacks -- we're not there yet by a long shot.

DB: That’s for sure.

JD: If Clinton wins Ohio and loses Texas, a possible outcome, it's hard to imagine her winning the nomination without something shaking things up.

DB: It's amazing how much we talk about progress and equality in light of that. She could hang in and fight FL and Michigan. Super delegates, etc.

JD: True.

DB: It would be tough and she'd end up looking bad and against party unity.

JD: Progress is having a woman and black compete for the nomination.

DB: Yeah, finally.

JD: Super delegates are consummate politicians -- they will go with the winner -- not pick the winner. I do think the Obama campaign has tried to stir up some super secret cabal to keep him from winning. It won't happen that way.

DB: I agree. This is something that needs to be won fairly and clearly.

JD: The greatest fear among many Dems is that Obama is not vetted enough, meaning there's something out there against him that will be used by the Republicans.

DB: Yeah...but there are always new things for any candidate. Hillary likes to see everything is out about her.

JD: The blogosphere is full of claims about him, but it's hard to know what's fact and fiction.

DB: But there is always more. We thought McCain was vetted, and look now!

JD: Hahahaha. True. "That woman" is from western PA.

DB: The blogs are a real challenge for Obama, they'll be more Muslim rumors and as you say fact from fiction is blurred.

JD: My own view on that is the NYT stepped into a hornet's nest without properly covering the bases. Unless you were in the bedroom or have some verifiable source, that's a story I would not touch. On Obama, a good friend of mine active in the Jewish community sent my lots of material, alleging Obama's church is tight with Farrakhan.

DB: I think it's a problematic story but just the beginning of McCain skeletons. I get all sorts of emails like that about Obama.

JD: Apparently his preacher has given church awards to Farrakhan. Of course, that does not mean Obama endorses that. We all have to be careful of guilt by association. I graduated from Haverford College in the 70s -- does that make me a commie, pinko, ultra-liberal? The rumors about Obama that are in the blogosphere will some day hit the mainstream media.

DB: Hopefully they'll vet them better in the mainstream media.

JD: Is he ready to defend against them? That will be key.

DB: Yeah... We’ll see.

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