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Spotlighted Student: Patrice Harkins '11

During her senior year in high school Patrice Harkins ’11 did an overnight at Haverford College with the field hockey team. She fell in love with the campus, the atmosphere, and the friendly students who raved about the college.

In high school she took an AP Macroeconomics course that ignited an interest in economics. To explore the subject further she enrolled in two introductory economics courses her freshman year at Haverford. This secured her decision to major in economics at Haverford, while also earning a minor in psychology from Bryn Mawr College.

Because she would like to be either a sports agent or a sports entertainment lawyer, she decided to couple economics and psychology to give her the edge in both the business world and in human behavior. Her sports experiences from high school, where she played basketball, lacrosse and field hockey, and her interest in economics have led her on a path of becoming a lawyer. Because she plans to enroll in law school in the Fall of 2011, she took her senior year off from Haverford’s field hockey team (she played defense since her freshman year) so that she could study for the LSAT’s, which she took this past December.

Patrice has gained work experience employed by different organizations in a variety of positions.

As a rising sophomore her summer job, as a transportation coordinator for a camp near her home in Long Island, she learned about customer service and the intricacies of placating parents.

As a rising junior Patrice had two summer experiences. The first three weeks of her summer were spent participating in an intensive marketing class at the London School of Economics. The latter part of her summer she worked at SNY.TV in New York City focusing on the Mets baseball team. She worked in the newsroom finding video clips of players for news pieces. She also organized tapes for viewing. Over winter break she continued her work with SNY.TV where she had the exciting opportunity to meet New York Jets football team members, Rex Ryan (head coach) and Mark Sanchez, the quarterback.

This past summer she worked at New Jersey based MLB Network in the marketing department producing on-air promotions. She also assisted in developing advertisements to catch audience attention and to retain audience interest by learning how to use special effects.

The second semester of her Junior Year was spent at the University of Melbourne, in Australia. As an exchange student she lived in a residential college with 400 students where lectures were attended by up to 400 students. These large lectures were enriched with separate tutorial sessions comprised of as few as 20 pupils. Her fondest memory was that three times a week the students would attend a traditional dinner donning formal gowns. Patrice equates it to Harry Potter’s magical Hogwarts House, sitting at the “Hi-Table” with the head-master, standing and sitting at cued times. While there she took an intermediate microeconomics course, a developmental psychology class and an Australian history course.

An academic high light was studying the indigenous Aboriginal People of Australia. Learning about the cruelty and hardships they endured under the rule of the British prompted her to write her final paper on the mistreatment of the Aborigines.

She also played on the University’s intramural soccer team, ending the season having won the premiership, equivalent to a championship.

She is a TEAF Business Society Member, an organization dedicated to providing the Haverford community with the latest in business information and resources. She’s also affiliated with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Since her sophomore year at Haverford Patrice has been mentoring fifth grader, Shira, who attends Stetser Elementary School located in Chester, PA.

Her thesis will investigate the existence of a sunk cost effect in the managerial decisions of Major League Baseball (MLB) franchises.  Previous research points to an escalation phenomenon in the National Basketball Association. Since in a drafting system team franchises only can make a one player selection per round, the draft order represents a tangible cost to teams both in opportunities forgone and the financial investment of salary contracts. If a sunk cost effect is present, then a franchise will keep a player regardless of the player's performance because of the prior investment made in the player.

Once she has earned her degree in law and has passed the board exam, she will become a sports agent, or will practice sports entertainment law preparing contracts, negotiating deals, and becoming versed in the law of intellectual property.

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