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Elon D. Spar ’83, who created the Sondra Lee Spar Scholarship Fund for International Students in memory of his mother, with Eugenia M. Machado ’10.
Elon D. Spar ’83, who created the Sondra Lee Spar Scholarship Fund for International Students in memory of his mother, with Eugenia M. Machado ’10.

Scholarship Recipients Express Their Thanks

Eugenia M. Machado ’10 vividly remembers the day she found out she was accepted to Haverford: “I felt my heart pulsing while I opened the envelope with the decision.  Not only I had gotten in,  but I had donors that were willing to help me go to school. There was a lot of crying, and above all there was a dream coming true.” Thanks to the Sondra Lee Spar International Student Scholarship, Machado’s dream became a reality.

On Saturday, April 24th, President Stephen G. Emerson ’74 welcomed 200 members of the Haverford Community—students, alumni, parents, Board and Corporation members—in Founders Great Hall who came together to honor the many individuals who have created named scholarships. These funds benefited a total of 286 students in the 2009-2010 academic year.

One of those students is Matthew Palmer ’10, the John B. Hurford ’60 Scholar, who felt so attached to the College after taking a tour that he decided to apply for early decision, even knowing he would not be able to attend without aid. Now that he is graduating, Palmer expressed his sadness at having to leave what he considers a “united and loving community,” although he knows he will always be part of the Haverford family. “I am so grateful to those who gave back and stayed connected,” said Palmer. “I want to do that too.”

Christopher K. Norton ’80, vice chair of the Board of Managers and a current Haverford parent, remarked how the lives of Haverford alumni have been enriched by the College’s commitment to diversity through a need-blind admission policy that embraces Haverford’s values of equality and respect. “In order to assemble the best students and faculty we have to remove the barriers that may prevent it.” One of the ways Haverford does that is by offering financial aid in the form of grants rather than loans that need to be repaid, an increasingly rare policy among need-blind colleges and universities. Norton also believes that students want a diverse environment so that they are better able to see the world through the lives of others, an ability that will serve them throughout their lives.

Like so many students, Machado’s life has been forever changed by the opportunities she’s had at Haverford. “I understand that I’m part of a cycle where giving is the base for a sustainable future and the base for forming individuals committed to the ideals of peace and justice, understanding and cooperation,” she told the audience at the donor appreciation event. “And while I will never be able to thank you enough, I can promise you that what you’ve done for me, I’ll do for others.”

-Emily Weisgrau

The Strawbridge Observatory at Haverford College houses 12-inch and 16-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes which are actively used by students in Haverford astronomy classes.

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