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Philip Meneely, a professor of biology who has been working at Haverford since 1995, has been named the new associate provost. For the next three years, Philip will work half-time as a faculty member (teaching 2.5 classes instead of 5 classes) and half-time as the associate provost. His new responsibilities include: overseeing the interim faculty; managing internal faculty funds (such as travel funds and research funds); delegating staffing obligations in different departments; helping new department chairs adjust to their positions; and helping presenters organize tenure, reappointment, and promotion cases. Philip accepted the associate provost title after members of the faculty nominated him for the position.

Philip is excited about the new position and looks forward to working closely with the College’s faculty. He believes that his new job will provide him “A chance to serve the College in a different kind of a way.” He believes that the job will “give me the opportunity to contribute to the professional lives of the faculty.”

Philip currently lives in Ardmore, but he hails from Punxsutawney, Pa., where he is an official Groundhog Ambassador.

Jody Romano holds the position of director of major gifts in the Development sector of the College’s Institutional Advancement offices. Jody will supervise a team of fundraisers who secure gifts of $25,000 or more from donating alumni. Jody will join major gifts officers Steve Elkin and Erin Johansen traveling around the United States to talk with potential alumni donors about projects that their donations can fund. In addition to visiting alumni in Philadelphia, New York City, New Jersey, Boston, and Washington, D.C., Jody will also travel to West Coast regions, visiting alumni in California, Oregon, and Arizona, among other states.

Before joining Haverford’s staff, Jody worked for an alumni gift office at Villanova University. Jody began working at Haverford on May 23, 2005, and after only three weeks on staff, she said she already noticed big differences between Villanova and Haverford. She describes Haverford as “smaller and more manageable.” Jody said that “the mindset of the school and the alumni” is what most attracted her to Haverford and excites her about her new position. She believes that Haverford’s atmosphere helps encourage alumni to donate because “Haverford is a very intimate place, where you are going to develop relationships with your professors and get an exceptional education. After people leave, they really want to help contribute to the school because they remember that connection.”


Jeff White has taken a position as a desktop user support specialist in Haverford’s Academic Computing Center (ACC). His responsibilities include: supporting faculty in the use of technology, training, software evaluation, installation, and web page creation. Prior to joining Haverford’s staff, Jeff earned his bachelor's degree in elementary education, a master's degree in instructional technology from Johns Hopkins University, and worked as a faculty member at Kutztown University, where he taught in the college of education’s instructional technology department.

A Maryland native, Jeff moved to Pennsylvania after he graduated from college. He has been working with college students and in the education and technology field since 1986. Jeff is excited about working at Haverford. He is impressed by the friendliness and the teamwork of the staff, and he looks forward to contributing his knowledge and skills to upcoming ACC projects.


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