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The Student Conference Organizers' Committee at Haverford and Bryn Mawr Colleges is pleased to announce its upcoming Conference on Energy Insecurity: Fuel for Conflict?

Coming at a point when oil prices are increasing exponentially, and conflicts over energy resources are looming on the horizon, this Conference will breed a more sophisticated knowledge of energy issues, and more importantly, potential solutions to the global energy problem. The Conference aims to have a two-fold benefit: first, to the students of Haverford and Bryn Mawr Colleges, along with other students and community members in the area; and second to the experts who attend by providing a forum to increase their knowledge and awareness of the various complications and nuances associated with framing a more effective energy security policy.

The Conference will take place from March 31 - April 1 at Haverford College and is open to all interested parties. Admission is free, including lunch on the day of the panel discussions. The Conference will offer a unique opportunity to engage with experts from a variety of fields and backgrounds on important energy issues. Please see our Web site,, for the schedule and registration information.

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