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1) Haverford's 2005-2006 fiscal year ends in just two and a half short weeks on Friday, June 30, 2006. We are pleased to report that the Haverford Fund has already raised over $3M from 41% of our alumni body. While this news is exciting, we have more work to do to reach the College's goals of $4M with 52% alumni participation by the end of June. If you have not made a gift to the Haverford Fund yet this fiscal year, please take a moment to show your support at this time by CLICKING HERE.

2) In preparation for the end of the fiscal year, the Preview Report of Gifts has been updated, and we encourage you to view your class list by visiting: The Preview Report of Gifts lists all paid gifts to the Haverford Fund made between July 1, 2005 - June 12, 2006. Be sure to add your name to your class list before it's too late!

3) Stock Transfer Reminder: If you have interest in making a gift to the College via stock transfer, please remember to contact Lori Bullen ( with the stock name, numbers of shares, and gift designation (i.e. Haverford Fund) prior to making the transfer. This information allows the College to process and acknowledge your gift in a timely manner.


The intersection of College Lane and Coursey Road in front of the Cricket Pitch.

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