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This fall, the Haverford community discovered something different—actually, several somethings—about the familiar eatery known as the Coop. During the summer, Facilities Management and the Coop staff were hard at work renovating and updating the popular 13-year-old Campus Center hangout.

“The Coop was renovated to help address the needs of the College,” says Corey Wilkinson, Coop manager. “The space was integral to the new [Gardner Integrated Athletic Center], and we wanted to have a facility that could handle the expected increase in business. Also, the Coop is often one of the first places admissions visitors see when they come on campus, so we felt it was time to update.”

Aesthetic improvements include wider spaces, large square tables to accommodate bigger groups of diners, outdoor seating, carpeting to reduce the noise level, two 46-inch television sets, a new serving/preparation area for specialty items like pasta and stir-fry, and a coffee bar offering a full line of espresso beverages from Pure Vida, which features only certified fair trade, organic, and shade-grown products.

Other new menu items have been added, such as a self-serve salad bar, made-to-order sauté specials, turkey burgers, and a variety of “grab-and-go” meals and snacks, including a line of organic frozen products (with convenient microwaves nearby).

The Coop is also greener than ever, in coordination with the CER (Committee for Environmental Responsibility) program at Haverford. Styrofoam cold beverage cups have been eliminated and replaced with corn-oil cups, which will fully biodegrade in landfills within 180 days. Hot beverages are served in recyclable cups as well.

“All in all, I think the renovation turned out great,” says Wilkinson. “Our customers love the new facility and our employees love having a new place to work.”

— Brenna McBride

The Climbing Stone, by Peter Rockwell '58, is located outside Magill Library.

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