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Spring 2009 Faculty Updates

Associate Professor of Physics Stephon Alexander attended the Indo-U.S. Frontiers of Science Symposium, March 1-4 at the Jaycee Palace in Agra, India. It was organized by the Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and the Kavli Institute.  Alexander represented the U.S. in the interdisciplinary session “String Theory and Geometry,” and was the only liberal arts professor attending.  The main aim of this interdisciplinary symposium was to bring together front-ranking scientists under the age of 45 from India and United States.

Assistant Professor of History Darin Hayton co-authored the chapter “Mathias Corvin et l’horoscope de fondation de l’Université de Pozsony en 1467” for the book Matthias Corvin, les bibliothèques princières et la genèse de l’État modern, published by France’s CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research).

Associate Professor of Religion Tracey Hucks presented a paper entitled “Ethnographic Approaches to the Study of History and African-Derived Religions” at the Practical Matters: Ethnography and Religion Conference, held at Emory University March 5-6.

Assistant Professor of Religion Terrence Johnson presented his paper “W.E.B. Du Bois and the Limits of Justice” at the annual Society of Christian Ethics conference, held January 10 in Chicago; and also presented “‘We are But Weak and Human’: Death, Blackness and the Tragic Soul-Life” at the Society for the Study of Black Religion Conference, March 26-28 in Arlington, Va.

Assistant Professor of Psychology Benjamin Le was co-author of “Missing a romantic partner: A prototype analysis,” which appeared in Vol. 15 of Personal Relationships. He also wrote an article called “Familiarity principle of attraction” published in the Encyclopedia of Human Relationships, and co-authored two other pieces in the same volume: “Need fulfillment in relationships” and “Fun in relationships.”

Associate Professor of Mathematics Rob Manning’s article “Conjugate Points Revisited and Neumann-Neumann Problems” appeared in SIAM Review, Vol. 51 Issue 1.

Assistant Professor of English Laura McGrane served as chair and organizer for a panel called “Anatomies of Exchange: Troping the Physiological in Transatlantic Culture” at the annual ASECS (American Society of Eighteenth-Century Studies) conference, held March 27-29 in Richmond, Va.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics Jorge Moreno presented a paper entitled “Dark matter halo mergers and quasars” at the “Essential Cosmology for the Next Generation” conference in Los Cabos, Mexico, January 12-16, where 2006 Nobel Laureate George F. Smoot presented Moreno with the prize for “Best Cosmology Contribution.” He presented the same paper at the 5th UC Irvine Center for Cosmology Workshop, “Intermediate-Mass Black Holes: From First Light to Galactic Nuclei,” which took place April 1-3 in Irvine, Calif.

Assistant Professor of Classics Bret Mulligan contributed an entry on Claudius Claudianus in the Biographical Encyclopedia of Ancient Natural Scientists.

Associate Professor of Spanish Roberto Castillo Sandoval gave a lecture on “Literature, Cultural Identity, and Ideology in Latin America” on October 18, 2008, as part of a series entitled “Latin America in the 21st Century: Economic, Social and Political Perspectives,” sponsored by the humanities faculty of the University of Santiago, Chile.

Visiting Associate Professor of German Heidi Schlipphacke gave a paper entitled “Un-natural Ties: Polygamy and Monogamy in the German Enlightenment” at the annual ASECS (American Society of Eighteenth-Century Studies) conference, held March 27-29 in Richmond, Va.

Founders Green on a warm spring day.

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