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Tyler Sagardoy '09
Tyler Sagardoy '09

Spotlighted Student: Tyler Sagardoy '09

Tyler is looking at the wages of different citizens and the effect their pay has on where they live, the sector they work in and all of the effects that other variables such as different cultures and momentum in labor to a market economy have in Central and Eastern Europe after communism.

Growing up in Owensboro, Kentucky, Tyler’s small hometown is definitely feeling the effects of this economic depression.  Lots of people have lost their homes and the city needs money not to rebuild, but to update the facilities that they have.  He still has nostalgic feelings for Owensboro, but it is not someplace he will settle down in the near future. 
Tyler says he decided on Haverford pretty randomly.  He pulled one of those close my eyes, finger in the book and here he is!  Although, since being at Haverford, he could not imagine being anywhere else.  He is enjoying his liberal arts education and the small class sizes and community….the scenery around here doesn’t hurt either.  Tyler says that no matter where he is on campus he always feels at home.

Working at the Coop in the campus center during the school year and over the summer Tyler says, “keeps me sane.”  He loves interacting with the other Haverford employees, customers and friends he encounters during his shift.  Tyler is also actively involved in theater, participating in the Main Stage at Bryn Mawr.  He has always enjoyed the arts and actually wanted to be a writer when he first came to Haverford’s campus.  Theater is a way for him to let out his creative side.  Main Stage is currently working on a version of, “The Tempist”, so check it out!

In 2007, Tyler worked in Iowa on Ron Paul’s presidential campaign.  He really respected his genuine sincerity.  Over winter break, he helped his Mom out at home with some home improvements and getting her finances in order.  He says his Mom was amazed at how far her paycheck can really go!

Tyler really has a passion for economics and trying to understand it.  He calls himself a, “political thinking animal”, and he uses his economics background to step outside of his political beliefs and scrutinize them.  This has influenced his decision to obtain a degree in the subject.  He is always using his economics background and really enjoys reading classic economic books.  Paul Krugman is one of his favorite authors.  Although Tyler has some disagreements with Krugman, he appreciates the strong view point that is put forth in his works.

Currently, Tyler’s dream job is to own a lunch truck in the downtown Philadelphia area, his motto, “Quality at a competitive price.”  He would be combining his Coop foodservice background with his economic degree to create an unstoppable business adventure.

Founders Green on a warm spring day.

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