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Anne Koellhoffer '09
Anne Koellhoffer '09

Spotlighted Student: Anne Koellhoffer '09

Anne says she originally wanted to major in physics, but after exposure to college level physics, she found it too mathematical and theoretical for her liking.  She then turned to economics, which seemed like the perfect balance between hard science, math, and the social sciences.  Along with majoring in Economics at Haverford, Anne has a concentration in Peace and Conflict Studies.

Anne’s senior thesis focuses on the relationship between receiving financial aid as an undergraduate and donating after graduation.  She is exploring giving behavior of graduates of liberal arts colleges.

This summer Anne interned at Woman’s Way in Philadelphia.  Woman’s Way, which receives a grant from the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship, is a fundraising organization for woman’s rights groups in the area.  Through this experience she was able to combine her academic education with the real world.  Anne was also able to use her economics background to see how nonprofit organizations are run.  

Along with her academic schedule, Anne keeps herself busy on campus through involvement with the Office of Annual Giving, the Senior Class Gift Committee, the Peace and Conflict Studies Search Committee and Looney Tunes, the Haverford College a Cappella group.  Looney Tunes is not Anne’s only involvement with music.  One of her passions is piano.  She has been playing almost her whole life and still takes private lessons.

Another hobby Anne enjoys is riding horses.  At home in Upper Black Eddy Anne, has her own horse, Indy, short for Indian Summer.  She has been riding since she was 11 years old.

As the day of graduation draws near, Anne is beginning to explore her post Haverford plans.  She is trying to get a job in the nonprofit sector in Philadelphia, focusing on fundraising and development work.  When asked about her Haverford experiences and what she believes sets Haverford apart from other institutions, she highlighted the Honor Code.  Anne believes the Honor Code has contributed to her education in a positive way, giving students the opportunity to collaborate rather than compete with one another.  This fosters a sense of camaraderie among the community where grades are not discussed and individuals feel more open with their peers.

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