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James Van Opstal '09
James Van Opstal '09

Spotlighted Student: James Van Opstal '09

Jamey has been selected as this month’s “Spotlighted Student” in the Economics Department.  Jamey comes to Haverford from Great Falls, VA.  As an Econ major, Jamey says he became interested when he took AP Econ in High School.  This interest stayed with him as a freshman on campus and just continued to grow.

A member of the Black Squirrel Lacrosse team, he is a steady defensive player.  This summer, Jamey took his lacrosse skills to the other side of the world, where he played in the European Lacrosse Championship in Finland as a member of the Dutch team.  Jamey has dual citizenship, and his skills were put to good use by those Dutchmen as they placed second at the Championships just behind England. 

Along with playing lacrosse this summer, Jamey worked with Professor Anne Preston whose experimental research investigates how social (or other- oriented) preferences alter behavior in situations where strategic actions such as punishment or rewards are called for.  He honed his data collection, management, and analysis skills which will be helpful as he completes his senior thesis examining the potential of bio fuels in US energy policy.  While he is currently only in the literature review process,   he anticipates looking at how the increasing prominence of bio fuels relates to US land use and the price of feed stocks.

Jamey keeps himself busy on campus as he is also a teaching assistant for Professor Saleha Jilani’s Global Economy class, as well as a member of Students’ Council.  In addition to majoring in Economics, Jamey is an East Asian Studies minor, studying Japanese here at Haverford.  Jamey is in the midst of the job application process, an ongoing endeavor which is likely to take up much of his time over winter break.

The Climbing Stone, by Peter Rockwell '58, is located outside Magill Library.

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