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Two New Approved Study Abroad Programs!

Haverford recently added IFSA Butler's program in Sharjah, UAE, and CIEE's program in Prague to its list of approved study abroad programs!

Two new study abroad destinations for Haverford students to consider! We are very excited to add IFSA Butler's program in Sharjah, UAE to our approved list. Haverford approves several other programs run through IFSA, who we know to be an excellent program provider. Students enrolled in this program take courses at the American University of Sharjah (AUS), which despite being a relatively new university, is currently ranked by QS World University Rankings as one of the top 500 universities worldwide. The UAE is an excellent study abroad destination for those looking to study Arabic. More information about the program is available on our program description as well as the program's website.


In addition, we are also pleased to be adding CIEE Prague to our list of approved programs. CIEE is another excellent program provider, and we already approve several programs run by them. Students on the CIEE Prague program can follow one of three academic tracks: Central European Studies; Communications, New Media & Journalism; and Film Studies. Of special academic interest to Haverford students is the Film Studies option; students on this track have the opportunity to enroll in courses at one of the best film schools in Europe, the Prague Film and Television School at the Academy of the Performing Arts (FAMU). The program thus provides a viable study abroad destination for students minoring in film studies at Bryn Mawr. The Communications, New Media & Journalism track may be of interest to students wanting to study journalism, a subject in which Haverford does not offer courses. More information is available on our program description as well as the program's website.

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