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Study Abroad Profile: Anuj Shah '13

The economics major spent the 2011-2012 academic year studying at Mansfield College at Oxford University.

Why did you choose Oxford?

The University of Oxford is one of the oldest and most reputed universities in the world and I have always been fascinated by their history, culture and style of teaching.

What did you learn outside the classroom?

I participated in my college’s squash team during my year at Oxford. I also took the opportunity to travel both within the UK and in continental Europe.

What is the most surprising thing that happened to you there?

Given Oxford’s reputation for being one of the most challenging universities in the world, I expected to spend a majority of time studying. While there is a lot of work, Oxford’s unique tutorial system allowed me to plan my schedule the way I wanted to. I was surprised by the freedom accorded to students in organizing their activities. Oxford also has a much more formal atmosphere from the formal dinners and balls to champagne parties—which was extremely surprising compared to the relaxed and informal atmosphere at Haverford.

What did you bring back from your experience abroad?

A much better sense of how to dress.

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