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Alex Mirarchi '11

Mirarchi spent the 2009-2010 academic year studying at Mansfield College, Oxford University, where he excelled academically and immersed himself in British university life.

Why did you choose England? Oxford is so huge and is such an important cultural and academic institution, and I loved the tutorial style of learning and the opportunities Oxford provided.

What did you learn outside the classroom? I was selected to participate in the Oxford University Student Consultancy Program and was made ‘Team Leader’ for my group of student consultants. Our end product was a 30-minute PowerPoint presentation and a 75-page final report. I also volunteered with the Oxford Microfinance Initiative and was in charge of the “social component” for a community enhancement project in Latin America. Additionally, I learned a lot from participating in extracurricular activities like the Oxford University Athletic Football Second Team and the Oxford Symphony Orchestra.

What is the most surprising thing that happened to you there? I was honored to be the first Haverford student to be awarded the “Mansfield Visiting Student Prize” while I was at Oxford. The award of 100 GBP (and a college sweatshirt), is “given to the visiting student whose academic performance over the course of the academic year has been considered outstanding.”

What did you bring back? Outside of the classroom, I worked in London with HSBC Bank in their Asset Management division, and I will be returning to London and HSBC next year to work on the firm’s trading floor.

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