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Vanessa Douglas '12

Vanessa Douglas, an anthropology major, spent the fall 2010 semester in Madrid through IES Madrid, where she was able to practice her Spanish language skills while taking engaging classes. She also explored the beautiful city with guided tours and on her own.

Why did you choose Spain? I chose to Spain to improve my Spanish language proficiency. Growing up in a Panamanian family that spoke mostly Spanish, it was helpful to already have the language background. Additionally, being in Spain allowed me to compare and contrast the customs of Panama with those of Spain. Because my family also has distant Spanish heritage, my study abroad experience allowed me to reconnect with my heritage.

What did you learn outside the classroom? The tour guides were warm and welcoming, and helped us to learn a lot about the history of Spain. Also, exploring a foreign city I was not familiar with allowed me to achieve a new level of independence.

What is the most surprising thing that happened to you there? I guess just being there was the most surprising; it was so amazing.

What did you bring back? I have been involved with a cappella at Haverford and wanted to continue with music, so I signed up for a music workshop and learned some guitar. I am hoping to continue to learn now that I am back in the States.

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