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New Pre-Med Study Abroad option on the Approved List!

The University College Dublin Pre-Medical Programme is a highly selective program which is intended for juniors and seniors who plan to enter a health profession upon graduation. The programme offers students opportunities for a clinical experience as well as high-level academic study, while immersing themselves in the largest Science and Medical programs in Ireland.

The program comprises courses from both Medicine and Science and has been designed to cater for US students who wish to experience the opportunity of studying and living abroad while continuing to prepare for graduate school admission in the health profession fields. Students will enjoy direct engagement with our academic staff who are experts in their fields and are at the cutting edge of teaching and research.

The UCD pre-medical study abroad programme has two primary objectives:

· to provide students with the opportunity to supplement their basic course requirements for entry to Medical School while in a uniquely Irish academic and cultural context.

· to provide all the necessary supports so that students can successfully face the challenges of living and studying in a new environment; and to ensure that all participants derive maximum benefit from the academic and intercultural opportunities of their year abroad.



Minimum GPA requirement is 3.00

Academic Programme:

All modules (courses) are taught by a series of formal lectures/classes together with a strong emphasis on course work outside of class, encompassing individual project work, group project work, computer skills, library work and class presentations. Usually, each module involves two-three hours of formal classes per week for the Semester.

With appropriate academic advice from the home institution students may select up to 6 modules in a semester and up to 2 of these modules may be available from other areas within the University. A sample of popular non-science modules that could be scheduled with the science modules is presented below:

Module descriptions can be found on this link: www.ucd.ie/students/course_search.htm

Pre-Med at University College Dublin

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