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Alumni Show 1995

From May 26 until September 24, 1995, sculpture by artist Scott Sherk '75 will be on display in Haverford College's Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery, Whitehead Campus Center.

The exhibition consists of small irregular-shaped boxes of wood and paper that utilize controlled sources of light to illuminate, penetrate, and shadow various parts of the pieces and surrounding space. There will be an opening reception for the artist on Friday May 26,from 5-6 pm, On Friday September 8, from 6-8 pm, there will be an autumn reception. On Sunday September 17 at 3 pm the artist will give a gallery talk.

The work on display was begun during the artist's year in Nara, Japan. Mr. Sherk previously worked on welded steel sculpture that utilized the effects of light and shadow to create work in which volume and mass were visual phenomena rather than physical entities. The development of an intimate scale with the simple materials of wood, paper, and light, was partly in response to the restrictions Mr. Sherk encountered during his stay in Japan. More importantly, this work is a response to experiences begun while visiting the dry sand gardens (kare sansui) in Ryoan-ji and other Soto Zen temples in Kyoto.

Mr. Sherk describes his first visit to such a garden: "Scale, distance and space splintered and cracked...Gazing at the rocks and raked sand I could no longer distinguish between big and small. The rocks were both enormous mountains and individual grains of sand. I, too, shifted scales, suspended in the quiet stillness of that arresting vision." Influenced by this stillness Mr. Sherk simplified his open box constructions.  The work looks inward in its simplicity and intimate scale, while maintaining the tension between the actual and perceived, and the interior and exterior space.

Scott Sherk was raised in Lebanon, PA and lives in Orefield, PA.  Since 1985 Mr. Sherk has taught at Muhlenberg College. In 1992 he was promoted to the tenured position of Associate Professor.  Mr. Sherk received a BA in Fine Arts with honors from Haverford College in 1975, and an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania in 1980.  He exhibits regularly at the Leslie Cecil Gallery in New York City and has participated in a series of site-specific installations.

The Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery is located on the second floor of the Whitehead Campus Center. Gallery hours from June through August are Monday - Friday, noon - 4 pm, and from September through May are Monday - Friday, L 1 am – 4 pm, and Saturday - Sunday, Noon - 4 pm.

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