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Screening & Conversation with Student Filmmaker Stephanie Dax, NYU '10

Dax, an undergraduate film student at NYU’s Tisch School for the Arts, will be screening some of her recent work and leading a conversation about every student’s predicament in reconciling her or his changing interests with her or his chosen major. Organized by Student Arts Fund Grant Recipient Goda Trakumaite '10.

Funded by the John B. Hurford Humanities Center/Student Arts Fund.

A reasonably recent piece of her work is a retelling of the original, gory, Little Red Riding Hood story, "Little Red." The strangest aspect of this film is its narrated and heavily-breathed soundtrack that elegantly fails to correspond to not only the visuals on screen but also to any expectations of realistic dialogue. This is a mark of Dax's newly-discovered interest in sound and its ability to, through an incongruence with the image presented, disorient viewers and re-create seemingly familiar environments.  It is also a mark of Dax's wish to incorporate her interest in sound production into a project for class.

All of her work is loosely narrative and heavily experimental in nature. Some of Dax’s other notable films include “Owls and Garden” - which contains neither owls nor a garden, but instead a winter landscape filled with paper-bag costumes and distorted hooting flutes, "This is Spice Girls" - a docu-drama about the girl group, and "Wink Perpetrator’s Allocution" – in which identities are confused and breakfast is eaten in a bath tub.

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