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  • Following a CPGC-sponsored trip to the Real Food Challenge Summit, members of Haverford’s ETHOS food-justice group brought a resolution to Plenary that aims to expand ethical, local, and ecologically sound food on campus.

  • The future religion major will use the award to fund ancient Greek language studies this summer. 

  • On Friday, Feb. 12, Fords Against Boredom hosted its annual Loveshack graham-cracker-house-building competition in honor of Valentine’s Day.

  • The new student-run organization, born from an anthropology course on "DIY Movements and American Environmentalism," aims to foster community through do-it-yourself projects, skills sharing, and exchanges of member-made items.

  • To celebrate the new Year of the Monkey, the Global China Connection student affinity group hosted a dumpling-making (and -eating) event.

  • Winter Storm Jonas blanketed campus with ample snow for snowball fights and snow forts.

  • When you share a hobby, mission, or faith with your roommates, home is more than just where you live.

  • The housing cooperative marks its 25th anniversary on campus as a place where residents can live their commitment to the environment.

  • In Darin Hayton's 300-level seminar, students are using primary sources from the country's first Quaker-run psychiatric hospital to explore roughly 150 years of treatment of the mentally ill.

  • As the men's ultimate team at Haverford prepares to celebrate its 30th anniversary this weekend, we look back at the history of the club sport that defined so many Fords' college experience. 

  • A new exhibit in Magill Library, curated by J. Ashley Foster and the students from her writing seminar, uses visual and literary art, historical documents, and digital technology to explore the Spanish Civil War. 

  • The writer and cultural critic, who gave a reading and book signing on Friday, was the first Speakers Series invitee of the year. 

  • Haverford is one of more than 80 colleges and universities in the inaugural cohort in the Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success, which aims to make it easier for high schoolers to research and apply to college.


  • Qwajarik Sims '19 and Talia Scott '19 were among the 140 college-bound students invited to the Reach Higher “Beating the Odds” Summit at the White House in late July.

  • The anthropology major, who had never taken a political science course, taught herself about representative democracy to write the winning 6000-word essay while studying abroad at the University of Cambridge last year.