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  • Over the weekend Magill Library hosted a DataRescue event that brought community members together to preserve federal climate research.

  • Four Fords from the Class of 2016 earned 2016/2017 Fulbright Student Awards. 

  • This writing seminar explores several pervasive systems that operate by virtue of being invisible, while emphasizing writing as a means of inquiry, analysis, and persuasion.

  • The junior political science major curated a collaborative exhibition, now on view in Magill’s Sharpless Gallery, on the history (and future) of the peacemaking Quaker organization that was founded at Haverford College.

  • This year's CPGC-sponsored Migration Field Study Trip to Mexico included, for the first time, a prelude spent learning from Philadelphia organizations that serve and support local immigrant populations. 

  • Renovations to the building’s basement have breathed new life and light into a promising space.

  • This course on Game Theory examines mathematical models of how rational actors engage in collaboration and conflict, and connects these topics to applications in business, economics, law, politics, and biology.

  • Did Netflix’s Stranger Things pique your interest in Dungeons & Dragons? Join the student-run club for the fantasy role-playing game.

  • Did Netflix’s <em>Stranger Things</em> pique your interest in Dungeons & Dragons? Join the student-run club for the fantasy role-playing game.

  • Global China Connection (and President Benston) celebrated Chinese New Year with a traditional 10-course dinner and a gala-watching party, featuring dumpling-making and calligraphy practice, in Founders Great Hall.

  • Over winter break the Bi-College Chamber Singers embarked on a cultural exchange tour of Germany to perform with local choirs, including one featuring Middle Eastern refugee singers. 

  • This winter, four dozen Fords shadowed Bi-Co alumni at work as part of the College's long-running externship program, which gives students a firsthand peek at potential career options. 

  • Matthew Abruzzo's summer research at Cornell University contributed to a publication on fast radio bursts from beyond the Milky Way galaxy. 

  • Student and faculty research and innovation are helping to make classrooms more accommodating to those with a variety of disabilities and learning styles.


  • An increasing number of international students are being drawn to Haverford by the promise of intellectual exploration, academic rigor, and close-knit community. Once here, they must also contend with unfamiliar food and strange American social customs, and a climate that may be way outside their comfort zone. Easing the intercultural adjustment on campus is a robust support program for students from abroad.