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  • This political science course introduces analytical perspectives on international relations and explores the evolving structure of the state-based order—which originated with the peace of Westphalia in the 17th century—over the last four centuries.

  • Alexandra Morrison takes samples in Alaska

    A minor since 2011, environmental studies is now a Bi-Co major with two new professors and expanded course offerings.

  • This English course explores the work of British writers in the 1930s who tried to fight rising militarism, totalitarian states, and imperial autocracy with prose and poetry.

  • This history course examines the history of the United States through its built environment—the physical spaces and landscapes through which Americans have constructed their habits, hopes and divisions in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.

  • Members of the Haverford community celebrated the publication of the first English-language translation of the Odyssey by a woman with a 10-hour-long public reading.

  • Born of a 2001 trip to Cuba with the Haverford baseball team, this history course examines the interrelationship of sport and society from a historical perspective and on a global scale, including a focus on key issues that have shaped the Olympic Games and the World Cup.

  • Heading into Center City from the west via train with the skyline of Philadelphia in the distance

    Haverford joins Bryn Mawr and Swarthmore in creating an academic, nonresidential, collaborative program to deepen engagement between students and faculty and the city of Philadelphia.

  • This peace, justice, and human rights seminar explores how law and time intersect, focusing on cases where changing our understanding of time might help law do better, or changing our idea of law might help us understand what is at stake in different stories about time.

  • Headshot of Bruce Partridge

    The emeritus professor of astronomy was part of an international crew of scientists recognized with one of the most prestigious awards in cosmology for their work on the Planck mission.

  • This English course examines literary and artistic horror by black artists (including Charles Chestnutt, Gwendolyn Brooks, Victor LaValle, the Geto Boys, Childish Gambino, and Jordan Peele) as a way to explore racial identity and oppression.

  • A grid of headshots of all six new faculty members

    This year, new professors joined the Departments of Biology, Classics, Mathematics and Statistics, Music, Philosophy, and Religion.

  • The most recent solo exhibit of Professor of Fine Arts Hee Sook Kim features canvases filled with motifs from Korean folk paintings and the spiritual expanse of New Mexican landscapes.

  • The assistant professor of chemistry is part of a team awarded $75,000 from the National Science Foundation to fund a new educational initiative that will prepare students in STEM fields to persevere through challenges and failures in the classroom and lab.  

  • Highlighting faculty professional activities, including conferences, exhibitions, performances, awards, and publications.

  • Casey Londergan headshot

    The associate professor of chemistry has been awarded a $320,854 grant from the National Science Foundation to merge computational strategies with chemistry lab experiments to determine protein structures.