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  • Lindsay Reckson

    The award recognizes full-time faculty members with outstanding teaching records.

  • Sorelle Friedler stands outside the Koshland Integrated Natural Sciences Building

    The associate professor of computer science is studying discrimination and mitigation of algorithms on social networks with her collaborators, including Haverford alum Aaron Clauset ’01.

  • Instructor Mark Stein wears a mask while conducting a chemistry experiment for a video camera.

    After a spring of COVID-mandated virtual learning, faculty partnered with students as part of a new summer program to revise courses and make them more inclusive and responsive.

  • A Zoom grid of Andrea Lommen and five of the six students working remotely in her lab this summer.

    Studying pulsars and black holes that are hundreds of light years away, the six Bi-Co students working in Professor Andrea Lommen’s lab this summer didn’t need to be on campus in the same room to conduct their groundbreaking research.

  • Faculty member writes on a blackboard

    Highlighting faculty professional activities, including conferences, exhibitions, performances, awards, and publications. 

  • Students studying in the library

    After exploring many options, considering ideas and concerns from the Haverford and Bryn Mawr communities, and consulting with infectious disease specialists and medical system leaders, the two Colleges have decided to start the semester Tuesday, Sept. 8, barring any upsurge of COVID-19 infections or government limitations.

  • A headshot of Linda Strong-Leek smiling and wearing a black jacket and red blouse

    Strong-Leek, the provost, vice president for diversity and inclusion, and professor of women’s and gender studies at Berea College, will start August 25 as current Provost Fran Blase transitions back to the chemistry classroom. 

  • Ramon Garcia-Castro sits in front of a large pink bookcase

    The professor emeritus of Spanish died May 2 in Philadelphia. 

  • The canine buddies of faculty and staff are a regular—and beloved— presence on campus.

  • Katie Sheline '13 and Helen White on the deck on a research vessel in the Gulf of Mexico.

    The associate professor of chemistry and environmental studies was part of a team that wrote a review article in Nature, documenting the discoveries related to the largest single accidental release of oil and gas into the ocean.

  • A collection of video messages from—and conversations with—Haverford College President Wendy Raymond and faculty during this semester of remote learning and social distancing, as well as conversations with alumni fighting the disease on the front lines.

  • Faculty member writes on a blackboard

    Highlighting faculty professional activities, including conferences, exhibitions, performances, awards, and publications. 

  • This writing seminar focuses on how British and American culture has defined the child since the 18th century, tracing the ever-evolving definitions of childhood through books, games, and toys of different periods.

  • The pre-spring break iteration of the Office of Academic Resources’ Reading Rainbow book-advocacy series featured students, faculty, and staff recommending books that helped them “overcome a sense of powerlessness.”

  • This seminar course addresses major theories and findings in Asian American psychology, with a focus on immigration and acculturation, ethnic identity, stereotyping and discrimination, families and development, and mental health.