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  • Fords Against Boredom’s annual Valentine’s Day-adjacent edible-house-decorating competition attracted lots of creative contestants.

  • Over the weekend Magill Library hosted a DataRescue event that brought community members together to preserve federal climate research.

  • On Thursday, Feb. 16, the entire Haverford community came together for a campus-wide Day of Giving, featuring the annual scholarship lunch, appearances by the Black Squirrel, a cappella performances, and more.

  • The junior political science major curated a collaborative exhibition, now on view in Magill’s Sharpless Gallery, on the history (and future) of the peacemaking Quaker organization that was founded at Haverford College.

  • The Yale Ph.d. student and Haverford Latin major returned to campus to give a lecture as part of the library’s long-running Young Academic Alumni Lecture Series.

  • President Kim Benston and faculty members expressed words of gratitude about the recent renovations to the home of biology and psychology at Friday’s ribbon-cutting ceremony.

  • Renovations to the building’s basement have breathed new life and light into a promising space.

  • Sponsored by the Department of English and the Hurford Center for the Arts and Humanities, the activist/poet brought his artistic and creative energy to campus, along with advice on how to breed subversion with poetry and humor.

  • Fifteen of the pop artist’s famed silkscreen prints from the College’s permanent collection, including those featuring Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly, are on display in the Atrium Gallery as part of a new exhibit.

  • Global China Connection (and President Benston) celebrated Chinese New Year with a traditional 10-course dinner and a gala-watching party, featuring dumpling-making and calligraphy practice, in Founders Great Hall.

  • On January 31, President Kim Benston, Provost Fran Blase, and Dean of the College Martha Denney sent the following message to Haverford students, faculty, and staff.  President Benston has also joined other college and university leaders in signing a letter to Donald Trump regarding the immigration order.

  • The building, which houses two of Haverford's most popular majors (biology and psychology), has been under construction since May 2016 to make much-needed infrastructure updates and to create space for collaborative learning and research. 

  • Kim Benston

    In this period of great national and global change, we have reason to ponder deeply the nature of hope.

  • An increasing number of international students are being drawn to Haverford by the promise of intellectual exploration, academic rigor, and close-knit community. Once here, they must also contend with unfamiliar food and strange American social customs, and a climate that may be way outside their comfort zone. Easing the intercultural adjustment on campus is a robust support program for students from abroad.

  • Considered pioneering when it was created, one history class was unparalleled in exposing majors to hands-on work in historical research. Nowadays, this work has been incorporated in students’ senior theses.