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  • The English major is returning for a second year as the summer fellow with BlackStar Film Festival, which “showcases films by black people from around the world.”

  • Beth Cavener

    The sculptor’s work has been showcased in venues as eminent as Metropolitan Museum of Art.

  • Justin Turkus in his tattoo parlor

    After graduation, the political science major’s passion for art led him down an unorthodox path.

  • Two Haverford students–Cecilia Burke ’18 and Nicky Rhodes ’19–were among those recognized for their cinematic achievements at this year’s Festival, which was organized by Harlow Figa ’16.

  • The annual Black Students’ League’s fashion show took on a new direction and spirit this year, which was rewarded with a line to get in across Founder Green.

  • Neuroscientist and artist Greg Dunn, who works at the intersection of visual representation and experimental science, visited campus to discuss his piece that is on display at the Franklin Institute.

  • The Shift Dance Company holds open classes and performs both contemporary and ballet.

  • A recent student exhibit in VCAM contemplates masculinity and the family closet.

  • <em>The Review</em> has been Haverford College’s student-run literary magazine for over 20 years.

  • Philadelphia-based artist Mariel Capanna, who studied fresco painting with a conservator in Florence, is sharing her expertise and multidisciplinary take on art with the Haverford community as VCAM’s artist-in-residence.

  • An exhibition in the VCAM’s Create Space chronicles a first-year’s process of building a guitar from scratch using the building’s Maker Space tools.

  • The ninth installment of the film series focused on contemporary social justice concerns and included a live performance for the first time.

  • This visual studies course explores the specific mid-20th-century movement of “conceptual art,” as well as its progenitors and its progeny. Students study the founding manifestos, canonical works, and critical appraisals, as well as develop tightly structured studio practica to embody the former research.

  • The Dining Center’s high-traffic dish room conveyor belt gained community-sourced embellishment as student groups helped create a mural to promote compost awareness.

  • The gallery’s latest exhibit, Unwilling, reimagines passive sadness as a powerful refusal. At its opening, visitors could watch the conclusion of an all-day, site-specific dance performance, hear a talk by the curators, and taste a custom beer brewed specifically for the exhibit.