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  • Since his start as a fresh-out-of-college CBS News researcher, Ken Goldstein ’87 has worked on network election-night coverage of every U.S. presidential election since 1988. Today, the professor of politics and political advertising expert can be found crunching numbers and picking winners behind the scenes for ABC News.

  • This year’s Family and Friends Weekend, which welcomed hundreds of our students’ relatives to campus, was themed around issues of environmentalism and sustainability. It also served as a homecoming weekend for our youngest alumni.

  • In a dog-eat-dog world, the political science alumna (now deputy homeland security adviser and deputy assistant to President Barack Obama) believes in bringing people together rather than holding them in strife.

  • Cupola

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  • Back in the 1990s, neuroscientist Andrew Newberg began scanning the brains of people deep in meditation. Since then, he’s done hundreds of brain scans of people engaged in spiritual and religious practices, along the way becoming a pioneer in a new field called neurotheology, which is revealing the connections between these practices and emotional and physical health.

  • The former Ford field hocker player is now pursuing graduate education in Denmark, where she was recently the first non-Dane to be voted Female Player of the Year by the Dansk Hockey Union.

  • Lisa Silverman’s work is all about finding the proverbial smoking gun. As managing director at global corporate-investigations firm K2 Intelligence, LLC, Silverman, who is based in Chicago, conducts multinational investigations for clients usually looking to identify bad actors in high-stakes white-collar dealings.

  • The student-led Haverford Innovation Platform brought four experienced entrepreneur alumni to campus to launch their Innovation Platform series.

  • The Multicultural Alumni Action Group welcomed five political insiders, all Bi-Co alumni, back to campus to discuss the upcoming election and its implications. 

  • Mark Kleiman ’72, professor of public policy at NYU’s Marron Institute of Urban Management, and Eric Sterling ’73, executive director of the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation, were the speakers at this year’s Alumni Economics Forum.

  • Politico Reporters Annie Karni ’04 and Alex Isenstadt ’07 race to cover the campaign of a lifetime.

  • Marvel comic book editor Emily Shaw ’10 shares details from her world of storytelling and character creation.

  • Walter Sorrells ’85 makes sure his products are always looking sharp—both literally and figuratively. 

  • The Chester Theater Company artistic director and playwright is an integral part of the bold Berkshires theater scene.

  • José Padín, Class of 1907

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