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Haverford College
Department of Mathematics
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Events: Bi-College Math Colloquium

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Fall 2007

Date Location Speaker Title
Sep 10 Haverford Ethan Alguire '09
Haverford College
"The Flask on the Hard Drive: How to Be a Chemist and Not Get Your Hands Dirty"
Sep 17 Bryn Mawr

Jane Holsapple Long (BMC '02)
University of Maryland

"Group Cohomology and Free
Actions on Products of Spheres"
Sep 24 Bryn Mawr Elisenda Grigsby
Columbia University
"Combinatorial Knot Floer Homology for Knots in Lens Spaces"
Oct 1 Haverford Peter Storm
University of Pennsylvania
"Imagining Hyperbolic Space from the Inside"
Oct 8 Haverford

Davide Cervone
Union College

"The Hypercube and Hypersphere: Breaking them Down and Building the Up"
Oct 15 Fall Break NO COLLOQUIUM  
Oct 22 Bryn Mawr Daniel Krashen
University of Pennsylvania
"Division Algebras and Geometry"
Nov 5 Bryn Mawr Puneet Batra
Columbia University
"Anomalies in Gauge Theories"
Friday Nov 16 4:15 pm
Haverford Sharpless Auditorium Eric Maskin*
Institute for Advanced Study
"How Should Presidents Be Elected"
Nov 19 Bryn Mawr Keith Burns
Northwestern University
"A Simple Proof of Sharkovsky's Theorem"
Nov 26 Haverford Bruce Char
Drexel University
"Explorations in the Characterization of Mathematical Handwriting"
Nov 29
3:30 pm H110
Haverford Austin Parker '02
Ph.D. Candidate, University of Maryland, College Park
"How Computers Play Poker: Algorithms for Imperfect Information Games"
Dec 3 Bryn Mawr Juliana Belding "Curves, Cryptography and Calculus: A Weil Pairing on Elliptic Curves over the Dual Numbers"
Dec 4
Aaron Block '02
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill