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Haverford College
Department of Mathematics
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Events: Bi-College Math Colloquium

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Fall 2005

Date Location Speaker Title
Sep 12 Haverford Allison Cuttler (Haverford College '06) What I Did at my Summer REU
Sep 19 Bryn Mawr Mark Skandera (Haverford College) Total Nonnegativity
Sep 26 Haverford David Goldschmidt
(Institute for Defense Analyses)
Breaking ENIGMA: Applied Group Theory in Action
Oct 3 Bryn Mawr Dr. Stanislav Dubrovskiy
(Keio University)
Classifying a Pair of Matrices
Oct 7   Fall Break - Classes resume Oct 17  
Oct 17 Haverford John Meier (Lafayette College) From Poincare to Perelman: An Introduction to Classifying Manifolds
Oct 24 Bryn Mawr Walter Stromquist Helping the Navy Search for Lost Objects
Oct 31 Haverford Don Davis (Lehigh University) Binomial Coefficients and Roots of Unity in Topology
Nov 7 Bryn Mawr Dr. Elisenda Grigsby
(UC Berkeley and Columbia University)
Modern Algebraic Invariants of 3-Manifolds
Nov 14 Haverford Constance Leidy
(University of Pennsylvania)
Knot Diagram Moves
Nov 21 Bryn Mawr Professor Victor Donnay
(Bryn Mawr College)
Ergodic and Non-Ergodic Metrics on Embedded Surfaces
Nov 28 Haverford Kathi Crow (Gettysburg University Counterexamples in Ring Theory
Dec 5 Bryn Mawr CANCELLED