INSI Milestones

Long-Term Construction Schedule:

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drawing of INSC, Sharpless, and Hilles


West Wing (Connecting Hilles to Sharpless):

  • Complete Sharpless renovations: Summer 2000
  • Start of West Wing work: May 2001
  • Erect precast structure for West Wing: August 2001
  • Enclose West Wing: January 2002
  • West Wing completion: Summer 2002

East Wing (running along Coursey Road, South from Sharpless):

  • Concrete foundations laid for East Wing: 5/26/00
  • Erect precast structure for East Wing: Completed 11/3/00
  • Steel roof framing: 12/18/00
  • Stone veneer started: 10/4/00
  • Stone work begins: 12/1/00
  • Roofing work starts: 1/10/01
  • East Wing enclosed and power: January 2001
  • Installation of windows: March 2001
  • Installation of casework: April 2001
  • Finishing (including paint and flooring): Spring 2001
  • East Wing Completion: July 2001

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