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Mentoring & Student Teaching

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For Counselors & Teachers

Dear Guidance Counselors and Teachers,

We’re pleased to be continuing the Mentoring And Student Teaching (MAST) outreach program at Haverford College. As you know, MAST is a long-standing program supported by the Koshland Integrated Natural Sciences Center (KINSC) that provides laboratory experience and writing tutorials for Philadelphia-area high school and middle school students who may be under-represented in the sciences. Haverford College students prepare the course curricula, devise and teach the scientific labs, and work in small groups with high school and middle school students as writing tutors. If you are interested in this outreach program, please email Kate Heston or Marielle Eaton. We will gladly send you a package that includes several cover letters, applications, and self-addressed, prepaid envelopes.

We would be pleased if you could share the applications with students whom you feel would be well served by our program. The students should feel free to ask for help in filling out the application, and we hope that you will take an active role in guiding us as to who you might recommend for our program. The application deadline is December 5, 2014. The program begins in late January and continues through mid April.

We are still developing our curriculum for this year, and the Haverford students who will be leading the program are enthusiastic and have great ideas to make this an exciting and fulfilling year. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions about our outreach program.

Extended deadline for MAST applications: January 4, 2015.