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Patrick Montero
A man stands in front of Sharpless Hall
Wednesday, June 12, 2019

What They Learned: Gabriel Braun '19

Chemistry major, biochemistry concentrator, and French and Francophone studies minor Gabriel Braun ’19 built his thesis on the work of nearly a generation of Haverford chemistry students. He had been working in Professor of Chemistry Karin Åkerfeldt’s lab since the summer after his sophomore year, and his thesis work was a continuation of past theses, including investigations conducted by at least five previous lab members.

Braun will spend next year at Lund University in Sweden, conducting research with his longtime collaborator Sara Linse under a Fulbright Research Award. "What They Learned" is a blog series exploring the thesis work of recent graduates.

A Lynx stares down the camera from amidst the trees
Friday, June 7, 2019

Study Abroad Photo Contest

“I’m immensely happy that I made the decision to study abroad at University College Dublin during the spring 2019 semester. I had the opportunity to experience a whole new educational system and national culture, make a new set of friends, and see parts of the world and hear viewpoints that I never would’ve gotten the chance to otherwise.”  – Caroline Tien '20

Each year more than 130 Haverford students take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad.

The 2019 Study Abroad Photo Contest second-place winner in the Cultural Encounters category: Sophia Nelson '20, "Face Off," taken in Tromsø, Norway.

Emma Bullock organizing samples in the lab
Thursday, June 6, 2019

What They Learned: Emma Bullock '19

For chemistry major and German minor Emma Bullock '19, the thesis process was all about improvisation and re-evaluation. Bullock's thesis began as an attempt to apply the techniques that her advisor uses to study oil to honeybee health, but it quickly became a lesson on flexibility in the lab.

This upcoming year Bullock will be working at the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology in Bremen, Germany. "What They Learned" is a blog series exploring the thesis work of recent graduates.

Students using a CNC router to carve a face into an apple
Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Then & Now: Machine Shop Now

Machine Shop

The Maker Arts Space in VCAM is the modern-day variant on a machine shop, housing an array of high-tech devices, such as a 3D printer, a laser cutter, and a 3D scanner, as well as lots of design software.

Missed yesterday’s photo? See the machine shop back "Then."

Maker Arts Space Technician Kent Watson gives a tutorial on the computer numerical control (CNC) router, which can be used to cut large, complex shapes out of a variety of materials, including wood, foam, and plastics. Photo: Ashley Sisto '20.

Students getting up-close with machinery
Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Then & Now: Machine Shop

Machine Shop

The circa-1925 machine shop in long-gone Whitall Hall was a prime teaching tool for the engineering program of the time. According to the 1925 course catalog, there were woodworking and metalworking shops, a drafting room, and a materials laboratory for the testing of boilers, engines, air compressors, and the like.

Come back tomorrow to see the machine shop "Now."

Photo: College Archives.

Julia Blake pitching during a softball game
Monday, June 3, 2019

Ford Games - What It Takes

On the softball field, Julia Blake '19 was a team captain, a star player at second base, and increased her batting average in each of her seasons at Haverford. On campus, the political science major worked her way up to being Students’ Council co-president in 2018.

How did Blake balance being the best leader she could be for both her teammates and student body constituents? Read "What It Takes" in the Winter 2019 issue of Haverford Magazine

Photo: David Sinclair

Figure Skating Club
Wednesday, May 29, 2019

CLUB LIFE: Figure Skating Club’s Blades of Glory

Figure Skating Club

Co-presidents Anna Fiscarelli-Mintz ’22 and Althea Sellers ’21 and founding members Nuria Benitez ’22, Angelica Johnson ’22, and Anita Zhu ’22 started the Figure Skating Club. Its mission is to make figure skating accessible to interested students by connecting them to affordable skating resources and opportunities to practice and improve in cooperation with a local figure skating rink.

Alexandra Horkavá '22 and Anna Fiscarelli-Mintz '22 of the Figure Skating Club. Club Life at Haverford is a blog series exploring student-run extracurricular activities.  Photo by Alexandra Iglesia '21.