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Patrick Montero

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Speaking Truth to Power in the Philippines

Emeritus Professor of Psychology Doug Davis went to the Philippines in 2014 with pioneering human rights attorney Bob Swift '68 as he distributed some of the $19 million won in a landmark case brought on behalf of thousands of victims of the Ferdinand Marcos regime’s reign of terror.

Read Speaking Truth to Power in the Philippines in the Fall 2015 issue of Haverford Magazine.

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Claimants waiting to receive their checks. Photo by Tony Oquias.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Lives That Speak: Shaun Hill '01

“Arriving at Haverford...you sort of wonder where you’re going. But...after you start to build a life and allow yourself to grow and be challenged by the chaotic world around you, do you realize that this experience that places a great deal ofemphasis on honor and integrity and personal growth...shaped and informed your decisions in daily life.” –Shaun Hill '01, founder of Hill Farmstead Brewery.

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Shaun is the second in a series of individual vignettes directed by Ben Hickernell ’00 that take us further into the lives of Haverfordians profiled in the documentary “Lives That Speak”.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Lives That Speak: Beverly Ortega-Babers '84

“Three thousand dollars wasn’t enough to cover a Haverford tuition, but that’s what we could pay, and that’s what we did pay. To think that I was able to get that kind of degree in those circumstances... it’s amazing.” –Beverly Ortega-Babers '84, member of the first class of women at Haverford and chief administrative officer of the U.S. Mint.

Beverly is the first in a series of individual vignettes directed by Ben Hickernell ’00 that take us further into the lives of Haverfordians profiled in the documentary "Lives That Speak".

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

From Doctor to Artist: David Fraser '65

The former president of Swarthmore College and renowned epidemiologist known for leading teams that unraveled Legionnaires’ disease and toxic shock syndrome, Haverford biology major David Fraser '65 has approached his late-in-life art career with the same zeal and curiosity he employed as a scientist and physician.

Long lengths of cord are used in Fraser's colorful, ply-split braiding sculptures. Photo: Patrick Montero.
Monday, November 9, 2015

Economics Annual Alumni Forum

The Economics Department and the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship collaborated to create the Annual Economics Alumni Forum series in 2008. The theme of this year’s discussion was “Immigration Reform: Human and Economic Perspectives on the Need for Change.”

Timothy Guinnane ‘81 (pictured), an economics professor at Yale University, and Charles Mario Russell ‘87, the director of Catholic Charities Immigration Services came back to campus to speak.   Watch the full video. Photo: Caleb Eckert '17

Howard W. Lutnick '83
Friday, October 30, 2015

Friends and Family Weekend 2015

Saturday afternoon of Family & Friends Weekend will focus on Haverford alumni who are prominent leaders in business, as we celebrate Howard W. Lutnick ’83 and his 21 years of service on Haverford’s Board, and we honor the legacy of the late John C. Whitehead ’43.

The keynote event features Adi Ignatius '81, editor in chief of Harvard Business Review, who will interview Lutnick, chairman and CEO of Cantor Fitzgerald and BGC Partners. Get the full schedule of events.

Howard W. Lutnick '83 at the public launch of Lives That Speak: The Campaign for Haverford. Photo: Dan Johnson