Haverford Headlines

  • President Obama has nominated Hamilton, now a U.S. District Court judge, to the federal appeals court.

  • Continuing a longstanding commitment to making a Haverford College education as accessible as possible to as many as possible, the College Board of Managers has reaffirmed Haverford's commitment to an expanded Financial Aid program while approving the smallest percentage increase in tuition and fees in a decade.
  • Emma's fine arts senior thesis is highlighted in the American Medical Student Association's International Health Journal.

  • The Graduate School of Social Work visiting professor discusses welfare and the economic crisis.

  • Students are serving as Spanish translators for clients and advisers at tax clinics for migrant farmworkers run by Philadelphia Legal Assistance and Philadelphia VIP.
  • Rembert discusses his decision to put aside working for the Peace Corps in order to return to his Ohio hometown after its largest employer left thousands jobless.

  • Grant Firestone '10 got to attend a Paris summit of Nobel Peace Prize laureates along with some of the world's leading human rights activists. Among the highlights: standing elbow to elbow with France's first lady and meeting Martin Luther King Jr's former speech writer.
  • Williams talks about Barack Obama, civil rights and how his philosophy training at Haverford has served him as a TV commentator--and not: "Philosophy teaches how to see yourself and your argument honestly. That is not always an advantage on TV where posturing and outrageous sound bites often carry the day."

  • Jon Kabat-Zinn '64, a molecular biologist who pioneered the use of meditation as a treatment for stress-related illnesses, now brings mindfullness to the masses with his books and workshops.

  • The new Student Opportunities page helps connect science majors with research openings.
  • "The Bryn Mawr Haverford Chamber Singers, an image of careful training and firm ensemble, burst out in "Ain't Got Time to Die," soloists taking gospel to expressive heights. Maya Bloom's riff electrified the closing section."

  • In a recent visit to Haverford, Norah Vincent, the bestselling author of Self Made Man, spoke about going undercover as a guy.
  • The 2009 Hurford Humanities Center Mellon Symposium teams four performance artists with eight Haverford students to create art in unusual places.
  • The former Los Angeles Times editor discusses the future of print media and the Internet, ethics and conflicts of interest as well as advice for aspiring journalists. Carroll also reflects on a personal conflict concerning his coverage of the 1969 death of Mary Jo Kopechne in a car accident with Sen. Edward Kennedy.

  • Cited for being a "leader in studying the molecular processes that control the dynamics of chromosome structure and evolution."


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