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  • Assistant Professor of Chemistry Joshua Schrier used supercomputers at the Department of Energy's National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center to help come up with a material that, in theory, could help efficiently separate carbon dioxide from fossil fuel emissions.
  • This summer Annie Reading '13 is working with Voice of Witness, a nonprofit that publishes the oral histories of people living in ongoing human rights crises.
  • This summer, Jacob Lowy is in Indonesia, researching and experiencing life there with other Bi-Co Students. His internship involves learning the local language, participating in field research and working at an Indonesian political organization.
  • Cat Lazaroff '89 talks to Andrew Blackwell '94 about his new book, Visit Sunny Chernobyl: And other Adventures in the World's Most Polluted Places.
  • A collection of articles and blogs detailing the summer work of our students
  • Haverford alumnus Philip Noel-Baker, who took the silver in the 1500 meters at the 1920 Summer Olympics, is the only person in history to have won both an Olympic medal and a Nobel Prize.
  • Benjamin Wohl '14 is spending the summer helping to develop new and better ways of guiding high school students through the college admissions process.
  • Karan Shah '09 has helped plant more than 251,000 trees in India through his enterprising online venture Grow-Trees.com.
  • The school, which the 2005 MacArthur Fellow launched in 1983, brings together 300 librarians, conservators, scholars, dealers, collectors and book-lovers at the University of Virginia each summer.

  • This summer Hiba Dhanani '14 is interning at the Lankenau Clinical Care Center, where she is assisting physicians and nurses while working on turning the clinic into a patient-centered medical home.
  • The professor of biology will receive $300,000 over two years to continue to fund her T cell research.
  • Fords offer tips, advice and lessons learned on the road to launching a new venture.
  • Astronomer Beth Willman's role as an inspiring scholar-educator is recognized with a CAREER Grant from the National Science Foundation.
  • Hilary Brashear '13 is interning with New York City filmmakers on two documentaries. One examines illegal labor practices at strip clubs. The other focuses on the Wisconsin recall election.
  • Gabrielle Winick '13 is interning with the Library of Congress Publishing Office in Washington, D.C., assisting on the production of two books and getting a glimpse of the publishing world. 


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