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  • Volume 46, NO. 2: Revitalizing Woolman Walk, No Turning Back, Haverford (RE)uses, Composting 101, Senior Reflections, Then and Now: Peace Garden

  • Cornus florida - Spring 2021 Newsletter

    Volume 46, NO. 1: Lenape Conversations, Vernal Daydreams, Thinking About Spring, Then and Now: Arbor Day

  • Volume 45, NO. 4: Presidential Gardening, What Happens in the Garden When the Gardener is Away, Seasons of Serenity, Then and Now: Rain Gardens

  • Volume 45, NO. 3: The Arboretum Revitalization Plan Continues, The North American Mango, The Dryads Within, Working During the Pandemic, Nature Trail: Then and Now

  • The multi-year plan to preserve, revitalize, and renew Haverford's award-winning Arboretum is entering Phase III. Work will commence this summer and will continue through October 2020. Highlights of this new phase include continued progress toward a goal of planting of 1,000 new trees by 2027 as well as removal of trees in decline. 

  • Volume 45, NO. 2: Spring and Summer are Still on Schedule, What's New in the Woods, The Climate and The Trees, Meet our Student Workers, Haverfarm: Then and Now

  • Photo by Patrick Montero - Munchy-Chruncy

    Check out the sites of Haverford's sustainability efforts on this virtual tour with our Sustainability Fellow, Ceci Silberstein '19!

  • Take our Earth Week Quiz and have a chance at winning class credit for an upcoming program!

  • Information regarding campus closures in response to COVID-19

  • Nature Trail in April - Jennie Ciborowski

    Information regarding program cancellations and campus closures in response to COVID-19

  • Volume 45, NO. 1: Ryan Pinetum: Polishing a Hidden Gem, Greetings Haverford, Wait For It, Seasons of Care, Greenhouses: Then and Now

  • Take a look at our feature on Boyer Sudduth Environmental Consultants blog!

  • Volume 44, NO. 4: Setting Goals - Planting 300, In Memoriam...Lou Monostra 1963-2019, Elves in the Arboretum, Pinetum: Then and Now

  • Haverford College Arboretum Logo

    In 2018, Haverford College Arboretum began a two-year strategic planning process. The Arboretum's strategic plan is a set of guidelines set by Arboretum staff, students, alumni, Haverford staff, and community members to guide the Arboretum for the next five years and help shape the future of the Arboretum. 

  • Photo by Patrick Montero - Cover Shot Fall 2019

    Volume 44, NO. 3: What's Happening: Let it Grow, A Place in History, Natural Alternatives to Harsh Chemicals? Yes Please. A Grateful Goodbye, Asian Gardens: Then and Now